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Lot 347 Lot 347 Azalea Drive, Angle Vale: Atlanta Available
Bed  4 Bath  2 Car  2
Builder: Palumbo
Land size: 375m²
Building size: 220.34sq
Orientation: East
Est. Land Registration: Apr 2024
Est. Completion: May 2025
Price: $625,900

Development Info of Hillsview Green Estate - Angle Vale

Total new homes400
Area size28.00 hectares
Growth RegionAdelaide North Growth Areas
City councilCity of Playford
Developer Palumbo
Creative agency Simple
Distance to Adelaide CBD - 31 km north Adelaide Airport - 35 km north

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Suburb Planning Review in Angle Vale SA 5117

Angle Vale is approximately 14.1 square kilometres within the Playford City Council, located on the Adelaide Plains and forms part of the Greater Adelaide region in South Australia. Located 31 kilometres north of Adelaide CBD, the semi-rural township contains a central urbanised area, residential areas, parks, schools, shops and a local centre. The urbanised area is surrounded by rural land holdings and the agriculture industry.

Angle Vale, SA - Suburb Location


The suburb boundary is located along the Northern Expressway and Curtis Road to the south. The Gawler River is the entire northern boundary, McGee Road to the west and the Northern Expressway to the east. 

A local road network is found throughout Angle Vale, providing access to the surrounding suburbs and the local network of roads. Heaslip Road provides north and south connections, while Angle Vale Road provides west and east connections through the centre of the suburb, linking to the major arterial road in proximity.

Angle Vale, SA – Google Maps


The urban area found in the centre of the suburb is zoned Master Planned Township zoning, with Rural Horticulture and Employment zones found to the east and west of the township. 

The Master Planned Township zoning has been increased in size and renamed the Suburban Neighbourhood zoning under the Playford Urban Growth Areas Development Plan (amendment) declared by the Minister for Planning in January 2014. 

The amendment provides limited areas for commercial, light industry and primary production zoning in Angle Vale, with most land dedicated to infill residential development. This is supported under the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide prepared by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for the South Australian State Government.

Angle Vale, SA – Zoning


Development for urban purposes cannot proceed for land bounded by Heaslip Road, Chivell Road and the Harris Road alignment until a levee is installed to protect potential flooding from the Gawler River.  Furthermore, noise attenuation walls are recommended to be provided adjacent to the Expressway before residential are developed to protect the amenity.

Angle Vale will be transformed into a low and medium density residential walkable neighbourhood that builds on the established neighbourhood activity centres. The growth areas will provide active public spaces and providing equitable access to public open spaces, shops, education facilities (new and existing) and provide a range of community services.

Angle Vale, SA – Structure Plan


Further objectives include:

  • Provision of medium density residential development adjacent to activity centres, public transport stops and public open space. 
  • Local and neighbourhood activity centres that provide a range of shopping, community, business and recreational facilities for the surrounding neighbourhood. 
  • The orderly expansion or intensification of urban areas to support the effective and economic provision of public infrastructure and community services. 
  • Sustainable development outcomes through innovation in stormwater management, waste minimisation, water conservation, energy efficiency and urban biodiversity.


Playford Urban Growth Area

Angle Vale forms the outer northern area of Playford City Council Growth Area and is part of the region plan for the Greater Adelaide Region. The plan for the next 30 years is the revitalisation of existing neighbourhoods, concentrated new development around transit corridors, and proposed new mixed-use precincts to bring jobs, services and public transport closer to where people live. Changes are illustrated below in the growth structure plan.

Playford Growth Area - Structure Plan


Greater Adelaide Region Growth Area

The population growth in the Greater Adelaide Region area will be 1.97 million people by 2045, which is expected to require a housing growth of 248,000 dwellings. The planning priorities and actions for improving the liveability of residents, a competitive and sustainable region are set down in the 30-Year Plan For Greater Adelaide, 2017 update.

The growth areas will create the opportunity to reduce urban sprawl to the north and south of the elongated metropolitan footprint and the use of urban renewal projects is encouraged to find new spaces and places to live. The City Shape 2043 provides a basis for ongoing discussion with the community about the changing shape of Playford as it grows.


Playford Vision

“Playford is the City of Opportunity, supporting the community’s hopes and aspirations to be vibrant, thriving and sustainable. It provides an enviable lifestyle that is connected, healthy, happy, ambitious and proud, where each individual can take advantage of the many opportunities offered, making the City prosperous, liveable and happy.”

Angle Vale – City Shape 2043 Illustration 1Angle Vale – City Shape 2043 Illustration 2


Suburb Summary


Angle Vale

City / State

Playford, Greater Adelaide, South Australia

Suburb Area

14.1 square kilometres


  • North – Gawler River 
  • East – Northern Expressway 
  • West – McGee Road
  • South Northern Expressway and Curtis Road

Angle Vale Precinct 

Suburb inclusions

  • 70 ha of open space
  • 40,000 new residences
  • New School (1,675 students)
  • Neighbourhood Centre expansion
  • New and Expansion to existing sportsfields
  • Expanded to existing primary school
  • New bulk goods retail centre (20,000sqm)
  • 10 local parks and recreation areas
  • 700m long flood levee
  • 100m wide linear creek park corridor
  • Improved connections to encourage walking and cycling.

Community Amenity

  • Low and medium density residential areas
  • Local parks
  • Spots and recreational space 
  • Town centre


31 kilometres north of Adelaide CBD


  • Trinity College
  • Riverbanks College (B -12)
  • Angle Vale primary school (to be extended)

Types of Residential

Housing choice and diversity to meet the needs of the community, through a mix of housing styles including stand-alone, low density dwellings, terraces on land rezoned for medium density development and high-density development.

Employment Areas

  • Local businesses
  • Town and retail centres
  • Schools and services


Rail (Adjoining Kudia and Munno Para)


  • Local road network
  • Train station and line

Recreation Areas 

Local parks and open space watercourse corridor


Gawler River corridor

Settlement Pattern

Informal grid and suburban layouts provide a variety of lot sizes 




Lot 347: Atlanta by Palumbo
Hillsview Green Estate - Angle Vale