Discussion with Qi Chen - The founder of Openlot.com.au

By: OpenLot.com.au | 04 Mar, 2024
Discussion with Qi Chen - The founder of Openlot.com.au

Ep. 19 | Discussion with Qi Chen - The founder of Openlot.com.au


Colin Bischof and Darren Brennan welcome Qi Chen, the founder of Openlot.com.au, as their special guest. Openlot.com.au is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to purchase house and land packages in Australia. Qi shares insights into his background, mentioning his experience in the property marketing space, including roles at real estate.com and various startups. The inspiration behind Openlot.com.au stemmed from Qi's personal frustration in finding available land for purchase, leading him to create a platform to streamline the process for homebuyers.

Qi explained the challenges he faced while searching for property, particularly in tight markets like Point Cook. He emphasises the lack of readily available information for prospective buyers and highlights Openlot.com.au's role in providing comprehensive data on land estates, developers, features, and pricing. The platform aims to empower buyers with information that was previously accessible mainly to industry insiders, such as builders.

One of the key features of Openlot.com.au is its personalised recommendation system, which utilises user profiles to suggest relevant land developments. Qi explains how the platform tracks user engagement and provides reminders, demonstrating a commitment to assisting serious buyers throughout their journey. Additionally, the Buyer's Demand Index on the website offers insights into market trends and helps developers better understand buyer preferences and behaviours.

The conversation delves into the evolving dynamics of the housing market, with Qi noting fluctuations in buyer confidence influenced by factors such as government grants, interest rates, and rental market conditions. He highlights the potential for renters to transition to homeownership, particularly as the gap between rental costs and mortgage repayments narrows. The discussion underscores the importance of timely and accurate information in guiding buyers' decisions, especially in uncertain market conditions.

Colin and Darren expressed their appreciation for Qi's contributions to the industry and emphasise the value of Openlot.com.au in assisting both homebuyers and developers.