How to Approach Builders: The Do's and Don'ts for Homebuyers

By: | 17 May, 2024
How to Approach Builders: The Do's and Don'ts for Homebuyers

Ep. 34 | The best (and worst) approach to use when enquiring with a builder


In the latest episode of the Home Building Hub podcast, hosts Colin Bischof and Darren Brennan delve into the crucial topic of how to effectively communicate with home builders when enquiring about new homes. The conversation revolves around the best approaches and pitfalls to avoid during the enquiry process, shedding light on the dynamics between buyers and sales consultants.

One of the primary points emphasised by Bischof and Brennan is the importance of direct communication over email-only enquiries. They stress that while email can serve as a supplementary tool, it falls short when it comes to conveying essential details and preferences. According to the hosts, a face-to-face discussion or a phone call provides a more efficient means of conveying nuanced information, such as budget constraints, preferred home features, and desired locations.

Brennan highlights the role of sales consultants in assisting buyers in finding the best solutions tailored to their needs. He underscores the significance of providing adequate information to consultants to facilitate the search for suitable homes or land parcels. By engaging in open communication and setting clear boundaries, buyers can establish a productive relationship with consultants and expedite the enquiry process.

The hosts also caution against certain behaviours that hinder effective communication with builders. They advise against relying solely on email enquiries, leaving false contact information, or ignoring phone calls from sales consultants. Additionally, they caution against adopting a confrontational or know-it-all attitude during interactions, as this can deter consultants from providing valuable assistance.

Ultimately, Bischof and Brennan advocate for a collaborative approach between buyers and sales consultants, characterised by transparent communication and mutual respect. By adhering to these guidelines, homebuyers can navigate the enquiry process more effectively and maximise their chances of finding their ideal home.

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