New South Wales: Top 30 Most Searched Housing Developments (September 2023)

By: | 23 Oct, 2023

New South Wales: Top 30 Most Searched Housing Developments (September 2023)

New South Wales continues to be a vibrant hub for real estate and property development, attracting homeowners and investors from all walks of life. With a plethora of exciting housing developments to choose from, it's crucial to stay updated on the most sought-after projects. At, we've compiled a list of the top 30 housing developments in New South Wales for September 2023, based on the organic searches on our platform from the 1st of September to the 30th of September.

Here's a highlight of the top five developments from our list, giving you a glimpse of what makes them so appealing.

1. Altitude - Terranora NSW 2486: Altitude, situated in Terranora, NSW 2486, takes the top spot on our list. This stunning development has captured the hearts of many due to its breathtaking views, modern amenities, and serene surroundings. With a prime location, it's no wonder why Altitude is the most searched housing development in New South Wales for September 2023.

2. Belford Park - Tahmoor NSW 2573: Belford Park, located in Tahmoor, NSW 2573, secures the second position on our list. This community development offers an ideal blend of tranquility and convenience. With a focus on sustainable living, Belford Park has drawn considerable attention from those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

3. Westwood - Caddens NSW 2747: Westwood, nestled in Caddens, NSW 2747, holds the third spot on our list. This development impresses with its contemporary architecture and vibrant community atmosphere. With easy access to essential amenities, Westwood is a sought-after choice for families looking for the perfect place to call home.

4. The Point - Port Macquarie NSW 2444: The Point in Port Macquarie, NSW 2444, is the fourth most searched development in New South Wales for September 2023. Its prime location near the water, along with a range of leisure and recreational opportunities, makes it a coveted choice for those desiring a coastal lifestyle.

5. Crangan Bay - Crangan Bay NSW 2259: Rounding out our top five is Crangan Bay in Crangan Bay, NSW 2259. This housing development offers the allure of lakeside living, with breathtaking waterfront views. It's no surprise that Crangan Bay ranks high on our list, appealing to those who seek the serenity of waterside living.

1AltitudeTerranora NSW 2486
2Belford ParkTahmoor NSW 2573
3WestwoodCaddens NSW 2747
4The PointPort Macquarie NSW 2444
5Crangan BayCrangan Bay NSW 2259
6Bellevue Hunter ValleyBranxton NSW 2335
7Fletcher GreenMinmi NSW 2287
8Appin GroveAppin NSW 2560
9HarvestByron Bay NSW 2481
10Trinity North WestOakville NSW 2765
11ParksideBox Hill NSW 2765
12Figtree HillGilead NSW 2560
13East at BanoraTweed Heads South NSW 2486
14Stockland The GablesGables NSW 2765
15Kings ForestKings Forest NSW 2487
16Sylvia WatersNords Wharf NSW 2281
17BeachesCatherine Hill Bay NSW 2281
18Wilton GreensWilton NSW 2571
19The CrescentCrescent Head NSW 2440
20Jacaranda PondsGlossodia NSW 2756
21HillsideMittagong NSW 2575
22Cameron GroveCameron Park NSW 2285
23Ringal ValleyJewells NSW 2280
24Oxford Gardenslngleburn NSW 2565
25Daisy HillDubbo NSW 2830
26Basin ShoresSt Georges Basin NSW 2540
27Kings CentralWerrington NSW 2747
28Taylors LandingCambewarra NSW 2540
29WallumBrunswick Heads NSW 2483
30Serenity RidgeBerry NSW 2535


Please note that the ranking is based on project page views from organic searches on 1/9/2023 to 30/9/2023.

These top housing developments represent the diverse and appealing options available to those considering property investments or seeking a new place to call home in New South Wales. With the real estate landscape continually evolving, staying informed about the most searched developments is essential for making well-informed decisions. Whether you're drawn to breathtaking views, sustainable living, modern amenities, or waterfront locations, New South Wales has something to offer everyone.