The Power of Co Living Investing

By: | 30 Apr, 2024
The Property Now Podcast: The Power of Co Living Investing with Ian Ugarte (High-Income Multi Liv Properties)


In the latest episode of The Property Now Podcast, hosts Matt Ellul and Bob Hand delve into the world of high-income properties with esteemed guest Ian Ugarte. Focused on Co-Living investments, Ugarte brings a wealth of expertise to the table, offering insights into a lucrative investment strategy that prioritises cash flow over traditional capital growth predictions.

Ugarte emphasises the importance of ensuring investments make financial sense from the outset, advocating for a shift towards high-income investing. By prioritising positively geared positions, investors can cultivate consistent portfolio growth while mitigating potential risks.

Key highlights from the episode include an exploration of why Ian chose Co-Living investments over other options, an overview of how Co-Living works, and strategies for providing win/win outcomes for both investors and tenants. Additionally, listeners gain valuable insights into navigating rental regulations, upgrading properties for optimal rental outcomes, and understanding the financial implications of investing in Co Living properties.

Packed with practical advice and valuable insights, this episode offers a unique perspective on property investment, providing listeners with opportunities to achieve returns previously inaccessible to the everyday public. The hosts invite listeners to engage in further discussion and exploration of their investment journey, promising an enriching experience for all.

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