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Total new homesN/A
Area sizeN/A
Growth RegionGreater Brisbane Growth Areas
City councilMoreton Bay Regional Council
Developer Trask Land
Creative agency Bohemia Design
Distance to Brisbane Airport - 35 km north-west Brisbane CBD - 39 km north

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Suburb Planning Review in Morayfield QLD 4506

Morayfield is approximately 44.5 square kilometres within the City of Moreton Bay, forming part of the northernmost urban area of the greater Brisbane metropolitan region within South East Queensland, located 44 kilometres north of Brisbane and west of Mount Pleasant.

Morayfield, QLD - Suburb Aerial


The suburb boundary is located along Dobsons Creek, Caboolture River and property boundaries to the north. The Sheep Station Creek and property boundaries make up the western boundary. The Bruce Highway, Railway Line, Hauton Road and property boundaries make up the eastern boundary. Oakey Flat Road, Burpengary Creek, and property boundaries make up the southern boundary.

Oakey Flat Road, Graham Road and Morayfield Road provide local road access (north to south) and connect the local road network found throughout Morayfield. The Bruce Highway (M1) traverses through Morayfield's northern suburb portion, segregating east-west connections through the area and providing one interchange in the Morayfield area. 

The M1 interchange allows connections in an eastern direction but also provides direct access for anyone travelling through the region via the M1.  Forest Hill Drive, Nairn Road, Buchanan Road and Caboolture River Road all provide local access and the next townships to the west.

The suburb of Morayfield provides a mix of land uses, with the eastern portion past the M1 currently being developed and access provided from the Buchanan Road interchange. Pockets of rural living properties and the vegetated waterway corridor of Caboolture River are located to the north. Morayfield has a large retail, food and business district, and dense urban development along Morayfield Road through the northern portion of the suburb. This includes a major train station, shopping centre and a Bunnings Warehouse. Further rural living, recreational areas, natural watercourses, and proximity to national parks exist in the large south-western portion of the suburb. New urban development is occurring in the north and centre portions of the suburb. A new city is planned to the north-west of the Morayfield CBD, which has been labelled Caboolture West and has been expressed as a Potential Future Growth Area.

Morayfield, QLD – Local Government Areas


SEQ Regional Plan 2009–2031

The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017, also known as ShapingSEQ is a regional plan for South East Queensland (SEQ), Australia and includes Central Coast Regional Council (urban extent only).


It is a long-term strategic plan that guides land use and development in the region. Developed by the Queensland Government, ShapingSEQ is intended to support sustainable growth and development while protecting the region's natural and cultural heritage. The plan includes policies and guidelines on land use, infrastructure, transport, environment, and economic development.


The plan identifies priority growth areas and development corridors, and sets targets for population growth and housing supply in the region. It also includes strategies for managing urban sprawl, protecting natural resources and biodiversity, and addressing climate change impacts.


The plan also lays out the vision for the region in 2041 which includes a liveable, sustainable, and prosperous region, with a focus on protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable development, as well as improving connectivity and accessibility throughout the region. ShapingSEQ provides a regional framework for growth management and sets the planning direction for sustainable growth, global economic competitiveness, and high-quality living by:


  • Identifying a long-term sustainable pattern of development which focuses more on growth in existing urban areas
  • Harnessing regional economic strengths and clusters to compete globally
  • Ensuring land use and infrastructure planning are integrated
  • Valuing and protecting the natural environment, productive land, resources, landscapes, and cultural heritage
  • Promoting more choice of housing and lifestyle options
  • Locating people and jobs closer together, and moving people and goods more efficiently and reliably
  • Promoting vibrant, fair, healthy, and affordable living and housing to meet all the community's needs
  • Valuing design and embracing the climate to create high-quality living environments
  • Maximising the use of existing infrastructure and planning for smarter solutions for new infrastructure
  • Supporting strong rural communities and economic diversification.


Morayfield Urban Footprint – ShapingSEQ Regional PlanMorayfield Mapping – ShapingSEQ Regional Plan


Regional Growth Management Strategy 2042

The Growth Management Strategy 2042 provides a roadmap for sustainable growth in the region over the next 20 years, aligned with the 'Our Well-Planned Places' goal of the Corporate Plan 2022-2027. It outlines strategic priorities, policies, and actions for short, medium, and long-term outcomes, with a focus on monitoring progress. As one of six central council strategies, it ensures an integrated approach to planning, responding to the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017. It builds on past achievements, addresses gaps, and responds to housing challenges while preserving local character. Neighbourhood planning and employment opportunities are emphasized, with collaboration being key to its success. 

Expanding urban areas of around Morayfield


South East Queensland City Deal – Implementation Plan

The Australian Government, Queensland Government, and Council of Mayors (SEQ) are already delivering for local communities throughout South East Queensland. They are focused on commitments that meet four strategic outcomes: accelerating future jobs across SEQ; a faster, more connected SEQ region; a more liveable SEQ; and creating thriving communities for SEQ.

The SEQ City Deal agreement was signed on 21 March 2022 by the Australian Government, Queensland Government and Council of Mayors (SEQ). The accompanying Deal document sets out the vision, objectives, and commitments.

The SEQ City Deal Implementation Plan was released in July 2023 and provides details about how the Deal will be delivered, commitment milestones and funding arrangements. The document identifies the Moreton Bay Region council area as M (Growth Area Compact).

Caboolture West - Growth Area Compact

The new Caboolture West deal includes the commencement of the Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan on March 14, 2023. This plan establishes a regulatory framework for assessing and approving 13,000 new homes, covering roughly half of Morayfield West. The Australian Government, Queensland Government, and Moreton Bay Regional Council are collaborating to establish a Growth Area Compact for Caboolture West. 

The Growth Area Compact aims to coordinate infrastructure development to support affordable housing options in the area. The Australian Government has committed a $100 million loan (in principle) for trunk communications infrastructure, while the Queensland Government and Moreton Bay Regional Council will invest in trunk infrastructure and overall area development. Key milestones include infrastructure planning, project selection, and construction, with future milestones subject to negotiation. Responsibility lies with the Queensland Government, with financial commitments totalling $210 million, including the loan. Engagement with the private sector for potential partnerships and funding support will also be pursued.


Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme 

The council is responsible for ensuring adequate housing, facilities, infrastructure, and services for new residents and businesses. It sets the policy direction for regional growth through the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme 2021, which came into effect on 12 December 2021. 

This scheme serves as a local planning framework, incorporating state and regional policies while responding to local needs. The council regularly reviews and enhances the planning scheme to address emerging issues. Importantly, the scheme dictates permissible development, land use regulations, approval processes, expected outcomes, and criteria for assessment by the council.

Morayfield Zoning – MBRC Mapping


Suburb Summary



City / State

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Suburb Area

44.5 square kilometres 


  • East – Bruce Highway, Railway Line, Hauton Road and property boundaries

  • West – Sheep Station Creek and property boundaries

  • South – Oakey Flat Road, Burpengary Creek, and property boundaries

  • North – Dobsons Creek, Caboolture River and property boundaries

Morayfield Area

Suburb inclusions

  • Large rural and low-density residential areas

  • Local parks, Caboolture River parkland

  • Spots and recreational space 

  • Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park 

  • Train station and shopping centre


Morayfield, 44 kilometres north of Brisbane


  • Burpengary Meadows State School

  • Caboolture East State School

  • Caboolture Special School

  • Caboolture State High School

  • Carmichael College

  • Minimbah State School

  • Morayfield Early Education

  • Morayfield East State School

  • Morayfield State High School

  • Morayfield State School

  • Narangba Valley State School

Types of Residential

  • Existing Rural Residential

  • Stand-alone and low density dwellings

  • Multiple dwelling duplex, townhouses, and apartments

Employment Areas

  • Surrounding suburbs

  • Local businesses

  • Schools

  • Courts

  • Shopping centres

  • Local services

  • Transport

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Roads, rail, bus networks

  • Pedestrian/cycle pathways

Recreation Areas 

  • Apex Park

  • Beech Drive Park

  • Bernice Street park

  • Birdwatching Hut on Riverparks Way

  • Boss Drive Park

  • Bottlebrush Park

  • Caboolture Arboretum

  • Cattle Drive Park

  • Centenary Lakes Park

  • Central Lakes Park

  • Clayton Park

  • CT & LM Williams Park

  • Explorer Park

  • Glen may Wetland

  • Grogan Road Dog Park

  • Grogan Road Park

  • Harvey Court Dog Park

  • Hatte Lake

  • Heritage Park

  • Jenny Fourez Park

  • Kangaroo Park

  • Lakeview Bird Hide

  • Lightwood Parklands

  • Lindmar Garden

  • Lynfield Park

  • Morayfield Bike Park

  • Morayfield Skate Park

  • Morayfield Sport & Events Centre

  • North harbour dog park

  • North Harbour Heritage Park & Mountain Bike Trail

  • North Harbour Mountain Bike Trail

  • Oasis Court Park

  • Parkridge Estate dog park

  • Pinegrove Street Park

  • Silver Wattle Park

  • Summerstone Playground

  • Village Park

  • Waterside Esplanade Park


  • Verschave Lake

  • Centenary Lakes

  • Caboolture River

  • Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park

Settlement Pattern

Informal grid 



SEQ Regional Plan 2009–2031 

Moreton Bay Planning Scheme
South East Queensland City Deal – Implementation Plan
Regional Growth Management Strategy 2042
Reshaping our region’s planning

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FAQs about Lakeview Estate - Morayfield

Who is the developer behind Lakeview Estate - Morayfield?
Trask Land is the developer behind Lakeview Estate - Morayfield.
View all estates from Trask Land
Which city council does Lakeview Estate - Morayfield fall under?
Moreton Bay Regional Council is the local government area for Lakeview Estate - Morayfield.
Which schools near Lakeview Estate - Morayfield?
Below are the nearby schools for Lakeview Estate - Morayfield:
  • Morayfield State School - 2.1km north
  • Minimbah State School - 2.2km north-west
  • Morayfield State High School - 2.2km north-east
  • Morayfield East State School - 2.8km east
  • Redwood College - 3.0km south-east
  • Caboolture Special School - 3.1km north