Investment Property Building Tips: Expert Advice for Prospective Investors

By: | 28 May, 2024
Investment Property Building Tips: Expert Advice for Prospective Investors

Ep. 28 | Investors - Top tips for building your investment property


In the latest episode of the Home Building Hub podcast, hosts Colin Bischof and Darren Brennan offer invaluable insights for individuals venturing into investment property building. They stress financial preparedness, advising listeners to consult with brokers to understand their financial standing and potential financing options. Emphasising long-term financial gain over short-term gratification, they caution against allowing emotions to drive investment decisions.

Bischof and Brennan delve into property selection, urging investors to research locations based on factors like capital growth potential and local amenities. They advocate for simple, cost-effective house designs that cater to tenants' needs and recommend choosing reputable builders over prioritising cost. Throughout, they underscore the importance of due diligence and strategic decision-making.

The hosts encourage listeners to take action, leveraging resources like professional advice and thorough research. They invite feedback and express their commitment to providing ongoing support in investment property ventures. In summary, the episode serves as a valuable resource, offering practical tips, expert advice, and a wealth of knowledge to inform and inspire investment endeavours.