Secrets To Successful Property Investment

By: | 20 Apr, 2023
Successful Property Investment

[House + Land Expo 2022] Secrets to successful property investment - Bob Hand, Matt Ellul

Real estate guru's Bob Hand and Matt Ellul took us through their secrets to successful property investment. Bob Hand, who has been in the industry for 42 years and is now part of Latitude Real Estate, talked about the ups and downs of the property market over the years. He cited several headlines from the media that predicted a drop in property investment, only for prices to continue to rise. Matt Ellul, said that the media's predictions are not always accurate, and the market is more complex than what the media portrays.

Ellul discussed their company BuyFair, which focuses on:

  • Educating people on investment properties. He said that their aim is to simplify the principles of property investment, whether it is for first-home buyers or investors.
  • Providing books that people can read in 40 minutes to an hour to understand the basic principles of property investment.
  • Providing seminars and webinars to help people make informed decisions when investing in property.

The experts also provided some tips for successful property investment. Hand said that it is important to do your research, understand the market, and invest for the long term. He said that it is not about buying a property and hoping it will increase in value but rather buying a property that has potential for growth. Ellul added that it is important to have a strategy and to stay focused on your goals. He said that it is easy to get distracted by the media and the latest trends, but a successful investor knows what they want and sticks to their plan.

In conclusion, Hand and Ellul shared their insights on property investment and provided tips for success in the industry. They stressed the importance of doing your research, understanding the market, and having a strategy. While the media may portray a negative outlook on the property market, the experts believe that there are still opportunities for growth and success for those who invest wisely.