Understanding the Variability of Home Builder Site Costs

By: OpenLot.com.au | 11 Mar, 2024
Understanding the Variability of Home Builder Site Costs

Ep. 41 | Why are site costs different between builders?

In a recent episode of the Home Building Hub podcast, industry experts Colin Bishof and Darren Brennan delved into the intricacies surrounding the differences in site costs offered by various home builders. The discussion shed light on the factors contributing to this variability, providing valuable insights for prospective home buyers.  

The conversation kicked off with the hosts acknowledging the common inquiry among home builders: why do site costs vary so much between builders? With a conversational tone, Bishof and Brennan dissected the complexities underlying this question, aiming to empower listeners with essential knowledge to navigate the home-building process.  One key takeaway from the discussion was the influence of standard inclusions and council requirements on site costs. Builders may offer different types of slabs or include/exclude specific items in their estimates, leading to significant price disparities. 

For instance, the inclusion or exclusion of retaining walls can impact both the cost and usability of the property.  Moreover, the hosts emphasised the importance of looking beyond the site cost figure alone when evaluating builder quotes. While cost differences may be apparent, Brennan and Bishof urged listeners to prioritise factors such as overall quote transparency, builder reputation, and trustworthiness. 

The conversation also delved into the role of engineers in determining site costs, highlighting how different engineers may offer varying recommendations and cost estimates. Builders, in turn, may opt for different slab designs based on warranty considerations and risk tolerance levels.  In conclusion, the podcast hosts advised prospective home buyers to seek clarity from their chosen builders regarding site cost inclusions and to consider a holistic approach when selecting a builder. 

By understanding the complexities of site cost estimation and trusting industry professionals, home builders can make informed decisions that align with their needs and preferences.