[Land for Sale] 12 Estates in Pallara QLD 4110

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Pallara QLD 4110

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Schools in Pallara QLD 4110

There is 1 school registered in Pallara QLD 4110 on ACARA 2019

New Home Buyer Demand in 4110

Below are a snapshot of what most new home buyers look for in postcode 4110 via our buyer demand index.

FAQs about Pallara QLD 4110

Which council does Pallara QLD 4110 belong to?
Pallara QLD 4110 falls under Brisbane City Council .
Learn more about Brisbane City Council
Which schools are in Pallara QLD 4110?
There is 1 school registered in Pallara QLD 4110.
  • Pallara State School
What suburbs are near Pallara QLD 4110?
There are 6 suburbs near Pallara QLD 4110.