Pinnacle Estate - Holmview SOLD OUT

392 Wuraga Road, Holmview QLD 4207

Total new homes40
Area size2.42 hectares
Growth RegionGreater Brisbane Growth Areas
City councilLogan City Council
Developer Gallery Group
Distance to Brisbane CBD - 31 km south-east Brisbane Airport - 37 km south Gold Coast CBD - 40 km north-west

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Schools near Pinnacle Estate - Holmview

Here are 6 schools near Pinnacle Estate - Holmview:

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FAQs about Pinnacle Estate - Holmview

Who is the developer behind Pinnacle Estate - Holmview?
Gallery Group is the developer behind Pinnacle Estate - Holmview.
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How many homes does Pinnacle Estate - Holmview consist of?
There will be 40 new homes in Pinnacle Estate - Holmview.
What’s the total area size for Pinnacle Estate - Holmview?
Pinnacle Estate - Holmview has 2.42 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Pinnacle Estate - Holmview fall under?
Logan City Council is the local government area for Pinnacle Estate - Holmview.
Which schools near Pinnacle Estate - Holmview?
Below are the nearby schools for Pinnacle Estate - Holmview:
  • Canterbury College - 1.9km north-west
  • Edens Landing State School - 2.1km north-east
  • Bethania Lutheran Primary School - 3.2km north
  • Waterford State School - 3.3km north-west
  • Windaroo Valley State High School - 3.5km south-east
  • Windaroo State School - 3.7km east