Gear 1: Leaving Effective Voicemails - Industry Training Module 3

By: | 06 Oct, 2023

Gear 1: Leaving Effective Voicemails - Industry Training Module 3


Gear 1: Leaving Effective Voicemails (Industry Training Module 3)

In "Gear 1: Leaving Effective Voicemails", the focus was on the importance of using words effectively in phone conversations, especially when making sales calls. The module emphasised that words could significantly impact the outcome of a phone call, with experienced salespeople being more successful due to their choice of words. Inexperienced salespeople struggled to progress in their calls.

One key strategy that was discussed was the use of the phrase "I'll be brief" to set expectations and ask for a few minutes of the prospect's time. This helped engage the prospect and avoided immediate rejection. Additionally, the importance of summarising previous interactions and bringing up the prospect's motivation was highlighted as it propelled the deal forward.

The module advised setting clear follow-up appointments during the call and emphasised the importance of controlling the narrative. It encouraged leaving voicemails as a way to remind prospects about the salesperson and mentioned the value of using positive language and motivation in these voicemails.

The module also introduced the concept of "cuddling the call," which involved leaving a voicemail, sending a text message, and an email in real-time to increase the chances of getting a response. It emphasised the need to remove friction in communication, making it easy for prospects to get in touch.

Overall, this training module emphasised the significance of effective communication and engagement techniques in sales, from the choice of words in phone calls to leaving compelling voicemails and making follow-up appointments. The key message was to use language that motivated prospects and removed barriers to communication.