The Investor Conversation - Industry Training Module 1

By: | 16 Jun, 2023


The Investor Conversation with Daniel Spencer

At OpenLot's recent Industry Training Event, real estate expert Daniel Spencer shed light on the growing challenges within the Australian rental market. Spencer discussed the following:

  • The alarming lack of affordable housing caused by labor shortages, urging investors to consider long-term rentals.
  • The potential resurgence of rental guarantees, a marketing strategy used by developers during the 2000s, and rental prices would surpass interest rates.
  • The impact of short-term rental platforms, such as Airbnb, and the rising number of vacant bedrooms in the country.

Spencer emphasised the pressing need for more long-term rental properties, especially as vacancy rates dipped below one percent. He called on agents to reach out to individuals who had invested in real estate several years ago, as their properties now held significant equity. Spencer expressed concern over the housing crisis faced by many Australians, citing examples of people resorting to camping on football ovals due to the scarcity of affordable housing options. He highlighted similar issues in popular regions like Bunbury, where rental prices had skyrocketed, pricing out potential tenants.

The conversation shed light on the challenges faced by property managers who experienced a drastic shift in demand. Two years ago, property managers struggled to find tenants, but now they faced the difficult task of dealing with angry tenants facing rent increases. With vacancy rates at a record low and average time on the market of just 19 days, property managers are facing immense pressure. Spencer acknowledged the resilience required in this demanding profession and called for support to address the housing crisis.

According to Spencer, foreign investment in the Australian real estate market is on the rise, with investors expected to enter the market in large numbers before Christmas. He urged industry professionals to keep a close eye on university investors looking for off-the-plan properties as their demand is likely to increase. With a vacancy rate below one percent and rental prices increasing at a rate surpassing interest rates, Spencer emphasised the importance of sharing this information to influence investment decisions.

Spencer concluded the conversation by highlighting the potential opportunities for investors, stating that it is currently a favourable time to invest in the Australian market. However, he stressed the importance of considering the broader social impact and addressing the housing crisis by providing more affordable rental options. The discussion served as a wake-up call to investors and industry professionals, urging them to prioritise long-term rentals and take proactive measures to alleviate the housing shortage.

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