Southbank Estate - Horsham

📍 Seater Close, Horsham VIC 3400

Total new homes121
Area sizeN/A
City councilHorsham Rural City Council
Developer N/A

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Land Release Applications for Southbank Estate - Horsham

Land releaseLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
Southbank Horsham Estate Riverbank, Horsham VIC 34002 PS449841W/S13, 21H0014, 12-099-2, F24/A07/000239 Pt 2, CA2100134Ferguson Perry Surveying Pty Ltd10/11/2021 Lodged at Land Use Victoria
Southbank Horsham Estate Mctavish Boulevard, Horsham VIC 34002 PS843533L, H003319, PA2100176 , F24/A07/000248, CA2100101Ferguson Perry Surveying Pty Ltd08/01/2021The application proposes to remove the reserve status from part of Reserve N¿¿¿¿5 on PS449841W and to create a reserve for Powercor Australia Ltd shown as Reserve N¿¿¿¿1 on PS843533L Released for Lodgement
Southbank Horsham Estate Mctavish Boulevard, Horsham VIC 340021 PS449841W/S12, H003319, 2012-99-2, A06386 St 12, CA2000090Ferguson Perry Surveying Pty Ltd17/08/2020 Registered at Land Use Victoria
Southbank Horsham Estate121 PS449841W, H014911-NF, 12-099Ferguson Perry Surveying Pty Ltd07/08/2012Lots and streets redesigned and staging revised in accordance with the latest Plan of Proposed Subdivision for endorsement (version 6). Other documents endorsed under the permit to be removed. Final Referral Response (Permit)

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Schools near Southbank Estate - Horsham

Here are 6 schools near Southbank Estate - Horsham:

Land Price Trend in Horsham

  • In Jul - Sep 21, the median price for vacant land in Horsham VIC 3400 was $110,000. *
  • From Oct - Dec 17 to Jul - Sep 21, the median price for vacant land in Horsham VIC 3400 has decreased 17.36%. *
  • From 2008 to 2020, the median price for vacant land in Horsham VIC 3400 has increased 94.53%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 07/07/21

FAQs about Southbank Estate - Horsham

How many homes does Southbank Estate - Horsham consist of?
There will be 121 new homes in Southbank Estate - Horsham.
Which city council does Southbank Estate - Horsham fall under?
Horsham Rural City Council is the local government area for Southbank Estate - Horsham.
Which schools near Southbank Estate - Horsham?
Below are the nearby schools for Southbank Estate - Horsham:
  • St Brigid's College - 1.4km north-east
  • St Michael & St John's School - 1.7km north
  • Horsham West and Haven Primary School - 2.2km north-west
  • Horsham Primary School - 2.3km north-east
  • Horsham Special School - 2.6km north-west
  • Horsham College - 2.6km north-west
Southbank Estate - Horsham