Stockland Altrove - Schofields SOLD OUT

200 Bridge Street, Schofields NSW 2762

Total new homesN/A
Area sizeN/A
Growth RegionSydney North West Growth Areas
City councilBlacktown City Council
Developer Stockland
Distance to Sydney CBD - 34 km north-west Sydney Airport - 39 km north-west

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Vacancy Rate in Schofields NSW 2762

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Schools near Stockland Altrove - Schofields

Here are 6 schools near Stockland Altrove - Schofields:

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FAQs about Stockland Altrove - Schofields

Who is the developer behind Stockland Altrove - Schofields?
Stockland is the developer behind Stockland Altrove - Schofields.
View all estates from Stockland
Which city council does Stockland Altrove - Schofields fall under?
Blacktown City Council is the local government area for Stockland Altrove - Schofields.
Which schools near Stockland Altrove - Schofields?
Below are the nearby schools for Stockland Altrove - Schofields:
  • Galungara Public School - 1.1km north-east
  • Schofields Public School - 1.6km north
  • St Joseph's Primary School - 1.7km east
  • Hambledon Public School - 1.8km south-east
  • Santa Sophia Catholic College (Secondary) - 1.9km east
  • St John Paul II Catholic College - 2.0km east