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[NEW RELEASE] Hilbert, for living.

  • There's exciting growth for Hilbert just around the corner with our own Town Centre and public primary school.
  • You'll feel like you can breathe, with foothills in your view as you arrive home & four times the natural space surrounding you than the minimum required.
  • Kilometres of walkways, trails & conservation areas filled with trees for you to explore on your own, or with your best (four-legged) friend.
  • Settle in to your new home with plenty of chances to meet your neighbours: markets, outdoor movies, playgrounds, parkrun, fitness classes & Mooba Cafe
  • All kinds of households can find their place at Sienna Wood with our broad range of lots and homes
  • Peace of mind that your investment will be protected & maintained with a further 10 years of improvements by Stockland, an active local council & town team.
  • Our partnership with Development WA means we're accountable to remain affordable
  • Stockland's been creating loved communities for 70+ years. There's over 10,000 of our properties in this area alone, including Calleya, Newhaven & Wildflower.
Total new homes3,800
Area sizeN/A
Growth RegionPerth South East Growth Areas
City councilCity of Armadale
Developer Stockland
Distance to Perth Airport - 25 km south Perth CBD - 26 km south-east

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Suburb Planning Review in Hilbert WA 6112

Hilbert is with the City of Armadale located 31 kilometres south east of Perth and named after the Hilbert family who were dairy farmers within the area. Hilbert is approximately 9.1sq km, which is bounded by Tonkin Highway to the east, property boundaries and Rowley Road to the south. Forrest Road is the boundary to the north, Powell Crescent, Wungong Road and Ninth Road to the west.

The Armadale City Council undertook public consultation and within a committee meeting on 12 June 2007 agreed to rename part of Brookdale as Hilbert. Council sought approval from the Geographic Names Committee (GNC), which was agreed and the suburb of Hilbert came into effect on 1 April 2008.

Hilbert - Council Online Mapping


Southern River, Forrestdale, Brookdale, Wungong District Structure Plan
The Southern River, Forrestdale, Brookdale, Wungong area poses planning challenges due to various factors including a high water table, contaminated sites, offsite impacts from poultry farms and kennels, major infrastructure installations (power lines, gas and water mains), conservation and environmental sites, and land fragmentation. To address these concerns, the Western Australian Planning Commission, in collaboration with the Cities of Gosnells and Armadale and key stakeholders, has prepared the Southern River/Forrestdale/Brookdale/Wungong District Structure Plan. This structure plan was published on 11 August 2021 by the WA Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Hilbert, WA falls within the jurisdiction Wungong District, administered by the City of Armadale. The area is governed by the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 26 (Amendment 110), which was approved by the Minister of Planning and published in the Government Gazette on 3 May 2022. A report regarding this scheme was presented to the council during their Ordinary Council Meeting on 26 July 2022. 

The District Structure Plan will provide a guide for the City of Armadale town planning schemes and Local Planning Strategies. 


Armadale Redevelopment Scheme 2
The Armadale Redevelopment Area is made up of several individual project areas. The project areas are dispersed across the Armadale Redevelopment Area but together make up the Scheme Area. Hilbert is located within the Wungong Urban Water Project Area (Wungong), which has a vision for the type of urban community and provides development precincts.

Vision – “The vision for the Wungong Urban Water (Wungong) Project Area is to establish a vibrant and sustainable urban community within a landscape that respects and promotes the ecological and cultural features of the site. The project area will implement innovative environmental and urban water management principles while addressing significant housing demand identified under broader strategic planning for the Perth Metropolitan Area”.

Hilbert Precincts


  • Armadale Road
  • Brookwood A 
  • Brookwood B
  • Eighth Road
  • Eleventh Road 
  • Forrest Road
  • Ninth Road
  • Tonkin North
  • Tonkin South
  • Town Centre
  • Recreation
  • River
  • Rowley Road
  • Wungong North

Wungong Urban Project Area

The vision for the Wungong Urban Water (Wungong) Project Area is to create a thriving and sustainable urban community that respects and enhances the natural and cultural features of the site. The project aims to implement innovative environmental and urban water management principles while addressing the housing demand in the Perth Metropolitan Area. The development will prioritise water-sensitive urban design measures, integrate with natural drainage systems, and promote efficient use of resources and infrastructure. The project area will also protect environmentally and culturally significant areas through the provision of buffers and compatible land uses.

A key aspect of the project will be the establishment of multi-functional corridors called 'Park Avenues' and 'Living Streams.' These corridors will serve as water management systems, transportation routes, and public open spaces, fostering community interaction and promoting the well-being of residents. Additionally, the project will include the creation of a district-level activity centre and a network of neighbourhood activity centres. These centres will offer diverse retail, commercial, and employment opportunities, encouraging self-contained, well-connected, and walkable neighbourhoods that reduce reliance on private vehicles.

Development within the Wungong Project Area will adhere to the District Water Management Strategy and strive for sustainable urban development and water management practices. The focus is on conserving wetlands, improving water quality, and minimising environmental impacts. Efforts will be made to reduce the mobilisation of existing contaminants and mitigate contamination outputs from development activities. The aim is to achieve improved post-development surface water quality compared to pre-development conditions.

Wungong Urban Master Plan
The Wungong Urban redevelopment aims to create a sustainable and innovative community, accommodating approximately 40,000 residents. It includes the establishment of a new town centre with schools, open spaces, parklands, and sports facilities. The design prioritises environmentally sustainable urban principles, safeguarding natural landscapes and waterways. 

With 12 kilometres of living streams and public spaces for recreation, the project offers a serene environment. Wungong Urban provides a range of housing options, including over 16,000 lots conveniently accessible from Tonkin Highway and Armadale Road. As part of the State Affordable Housing Strategy, the Sienna Woods housing development, a collaboration between the Department of Housing and Stockland, comprises 2,600 lots and caters to around 6,000 people, including public housing provisions.

  • Sustainable and innovative community, with new homes for approximately 40,000 people.
  • Establishment of a new town centre with primary and secondary schools
  • Open spaces, parklands, and sports facilities.
  • Prioritise environmentally sustainable principles to protect natural landscapes and waterways.
  • Living streams, with public spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy 
  • Range of housing options, including over 16,000 lots, with easy access to Tonkin Highway 
  • As part of the State Affordable Housing Strategy, the Department of Housing and Stockland have collaborated on the Sienna Woods housing development, which includes 2,600 lots, a population of around 6,000 people, and a portion allocated for public housing.
Hilbert (Wungong Urban) – Zoning Map


Retail/Commercial Centres

The City of Armadale has recently approved an Activity Centre Structure Plan for the Armadale Strategic Metropolitan Centre, which is considered its most significant centre. The Structure Plan complements the overall strategy for the area and incorporates its findings and recommendations. With the rapid population growth in the City, there are opportunities for establishing new centres and revitalising existing ones. The Armadale City Centre, in particular, holds great potential as it serves as the primary centre for a wide catchment area that extends beyond the City's boundaries.

The emerging residential population in Haynes and Hilbert suburbs will require the establishment of Local Centres to complement the existing District and Neighbourhood Centres. The development of the Wungong Urban Water Master Plan has influenced the refinement of these Local Centres to align with the area's growth. The Wungong Urban Water Master Plan initially included eleven centres that range from District Centres to Local Centres.

Detailed structure plans have been adopted to provide for:

  • Hilbert District Centre
  • Hilbert South Neighbourhood Centre
  • Hilbert East Neighbourhood Centre
  • Six Local Centres

Two future local activity centres are planned:

  • Haynes South East
  • Hilbert South East
Hilbert - Council Retail Activation Centres


Suburb Summary


Hilbert, suburb of Armadale

City / State

Perth, Western Australia

Suburb Area

9.1 square kilometres


  • North: Forrest Road
  • East: Tonkin Highway
  • South: Property boundaries and Rowley Road
  • West: Powell Crescent, Wungong Road, and Ninth Road

Armadale Redevelopment Scheme Inclusions

Precinct Inclusions

  • Low density residential areas
  • Medium density residential areas
  • Parkland 
  • Schools
  • Town Centre
  • District Sports Parks and local parks

Community Amenity

  • General residential areas, proximity to local parks and schools 
  • Access to sporting fields, local parks and waterway corridors
  • Facilities dedicated to community gatherings, events, and activities.
  • Open areas, parklands and green spaces.
  • Spaces equipped with play structures and facilities for children.
  • Barbecue and Picnic Areas
  • Network of paths and trails for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Elevated pathways provide elevated views and pedestrian access.
  • Distinctive entrance points enhance the visual appeal 


31 km South-East from Perth CBD 


  • Precinct 12 - Armadale Road: primary school site
  • Precinct 13 - Eighth Road: primary school site
  • Precinct 14 - Forrest Road: private school site
  • Precinct 16 - Ninth Road: primary school site
  • Precinct 17 - Eleventh Road: primary school site 
  • Precinct 20 - Tonkin South: primary school site
  • Precinct 21 - Rowley Road: two primary schools and a high school 

Residential development

  • Range of housing options with over 16,000 lots
  • Sienna Woods housing development (2,600 lots) including public housing provisions

Employment Areas

  • Town Centre, retail and services
  • New School and sporting clubs
  • Adjoining local centres


  • Local road network 
  • Transport connections
  • Water Management and drainage
  • Schools and sporting facilities
  • Neighbourhood Activity Centres: 
  • Town Activity Centre


  • Pedestrian and cycling links
  • Local road network 
  • Bus public transport
  • Accessible from Tonkin Highway and Armadale Road
  • Future transportation plans to be determined

Recreation Areas / Entertainment

  • Regional active reserve with high-quality sporting facilities and trails.
  • Playgrounds, barbecue areas, and picnic areas for leisure activities.
  • Network of trails and pathways for walking, cycling, and recreation.
  • Recreation Precinct is expected to host higher-level sporting competitions.
  • Centres with parks, community facilities, and local sports facilities.
  • Recreation opportunities along the Neerigen Brook 


  • Emphasis on environmentally sustainable principles
  • Protection of natural landscapes and waterways
  • Wetlands and Living streams
  • Wungong Rover
  • Neerigen Brook



Settlement Pattern

Green Field



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FAQs about Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert

Who is the developer behind Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert?
Stockland is the developer behind Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert.
View all estates from Stockland
How many homes does Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert consist of?
There will be 3,800 new homes in Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert.
Which city council does Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert fall under?
City of Armadale is the local government area for Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert.
Which schools near Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert?
Below are the nearby schools for Stockland Sienna Wood - Hilbert:
  • Xavier Catholic School - 665m north-east
  • Dale Christian School - 1.3km east
  • Gwynne Park Education Support Centre - 1.3km east
  • Gwynne Park Primary School - 1.3km east
  • Neerigen Brook Primary School - 1.9km north-east
  • Australian Christian College - Darling Downs - 2.1km south-east
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