Sunrise Estate - Robinvale

📍 Latje Road, Robinvale VIC 3549

Total new homesN/A
Area size9.00 hectares
City councilSwan Hill Rural City Council
Developer N/A
Project marketer Barry Plant Mildura

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Land sizes range from 📐 506m² to 870m²

Land Release Applications for Sunrise Estate - Robinvale

Land releaseLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
Carrazza Robinvale Court Latje Road, Robinvale VIC 354910 PS826489H, M3-9375/E, 2018/32, PS826489Price Merrett Consulting Pty Ltd29/09/2020 Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)

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Schools near Sunrise Estate - Robinvale

Here are 6 schools near Sunrise Estate - Robinvale:

Land Price Trend in Robinvale

  • In 2019, the median price for vacant land in Robinvale VIC 3549 was $68,000. *
  • From 2008 to 2019, the median price for vacant land in Robinvale VIC 3549 has increased 65.85%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 07/07/21

FAQs about Sunrise Estate - Robinvale

What’s the total area size for Sunrise Estate - Robinvale?
Sunrise Estate - Robinvale has 9.00 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Sunrise Estate - Robinvale fall under?
Swan Hill Rural City Council is the local government area for Sunrise Estate - Robinvale.
Who is the project marketer for Sunrise Estate - Robinvale?
Barry Plant Mildura is the project marketer for Sunrise Estate - Robinvale.
View all estates marketed by Barry Plant Mildura
Which schools near Sunrise Estate - Robinvale?
Below are the nearby schools for Sunrise Estate - Robinvale:
  • Robinvale College - 544m north
  • St Mary's School - 977m north
  • Euston Public School - 3.8km north-west
  • Nangiloc Colignan and District Primary School - 40.9km west
  • Manangatang P-12 College - 52.3km south
  • Red Cliffs East Primary School - 60.9km north-west
Sunrise Estate - Robinvale
📐 Land sizes range from 506m2 to 870m2Land sizes from 506m2 to 870m2