Wharparilla Estate - Echuca

Total new homesN/A
Area size244.00 hectares
City councilShire Of Campaspe
Developer N/A
Other namesWestlink Estate

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Land Release Applications for Wharparilla Estate - Echuca

Land releaseLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
Wharparilla Stage 7C Latham Road, Echuca VIC 356410 PS847044F, 21121, PLN170/2019, SPLN075/2021Chris Smith and Associates Pty Ltd02/12/2021 Referral
Wharparilla Estate Stage 7B Latham Road, Echuca VIC 35648 PS847034J, 21052, PLN170/2019, SPLN019/2021Chris Smith and Associates Pty Ltd30/04/2021 Referral
Wharaprialla Estate 7A Latham Road, Echuca VIC 356413 PS827743Q, 19118, PLN170/2019, SPLN011/2021Chris Smith and Associates Pty Ltd26/04/2021 Final Referral Response (Cert)
Murray Valley Highway, Echuca VIC 3564 Wharparilla Drive, Echuca VIC 35642 PS548989K, 17138, Pln098/2019, SPLN033/2019Chris Smith and Associates Pty Ltd18/06/2019 Registered at Land Use Victoria
Westlink Stage 3 Murray Valley Highway, Echuca VIC 3564 Murray Valley Highway, Echuca VIC 356445 NA, S6576, Pln047/2018Planright Surveying Pty Ltd26/02/201845 lot residential subdivision of land in the General Residential Zone and Public Use Zone. The application also requests approval for future dwellings on the lots within the Public Use Zone. Final Referral Response (Permit)

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Schools near Wharparilla Estate - Echuca

Here are 6 schools near Wharparilla Estate - Echuca:

Land Price Trend in Echuca

  • In Jul - Sep 21, the median price for vacant land in Echuca VIC 3564 was $235,000. *
  • From Oct - Dec 17 to Jul - Sep 21, the median price for vacant land in Echuca VIC 3564 has increased 55.63%. *
  • From 2008 to 2020, the median price for vacant land in Echuca VIC 3564 has increased 36.73%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 07/07/21

FAQs about Wharparilla Estate - Echuca

What’s the total area size for Wharparilla Estate - Echuca?
Wharparilla Estate - Echuca has 244.00 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Wharparilla Estate - Echuca fall under?
Shire Of Campaspe is the local government area for Wharparilla Estate - Echuca.
Which schools near Wharparilla Estate - Echuca?
Below are the nearby schools for Wharparilla Estate - Echuca:
  • St Mary's School - 3.3km south-east
  • St Joseph's College - 3.4km east
  • Echuca College - 3.5km south-east
  • Echuca Twin Rivers Specialist School - 3.6km south-east
  • Echuca Twin Rivers Primary School - 3.7km south-east
  • Moama Anglican Grammar School - 3.8km east
Wharparilla Estate - Echuca