Industry Training w/ Dan Spencer Module 1 [SA]

By: | 16 Jun, 2023

[SA] Industry Training w/ Dan Spencer Module 1

In SA, Dan Spencer discussed the importance of lead management with OpenLot as well as the following important points:

  • While OpenLot can provide a website for generating leads, the ultimate value of those leads lies in the hands of the salesperson. The quality and responsiveness of the salesperson in handling leads play a crucial role. It's not just about receiving leads but also about the speed and manner in which they are responded to and followed up.
  • The effectiveness of lead management is not solely based on responding in the same way every time. Technique plays a significant role in engaging with leads. An interesting aspect of the training was the focus on non-verbal communication, including body language and mannerisms.
  • Words alone constitute only about seven percent of effective communication. Selling land off the plan requires understanding how to properly communicate with potential buyers.

During the training, Dan touched upon common challenges faced in the marketplace and provided strategies to overcome objections. The speaker found Dan's questions and insights particularly thought-provoking, as they addressed issues the speaker had not previously considered. They expressed eagerness to implement these strategies and techniques in their own work. It was noted that in the current market, people need to be sold to more assertively. Rather than waiting for customers to make decisions on their own, the salesperson must actively facilitate the decision-making process by building confidence and presenting information from the customer's perspective.

Overall, the training module provided valuable insights into lead management and emphasised the significance of responsiveness, technique, and effective communication. The speaker expressed enthusiasm for implementing the strategies and techniques learned to enhance their sales approach in the real estate industry.

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