Case Study - 🤫 "OpenLot should be a secret, so we get all the leads."

By: | 15 Jun, 2023

🤫 "OpenLot should be a secret, so we get all the leads."


The interview with MPDEV is a discussion about the effectiveness of using OpenLot for generating leads in the real estate industry. The speaker expressed excitement about the support they had received from OpenLot, acknowledging that they had known about OpenLot for a while due to its prominence in generating leads for Harmony Estate. The speaker contrasted the results obtained through social media marketing, which were described as inconsistent, with the consistent 30 to 40 leads per month acquired through OpenLot. These leads were noted to have been genuinely interested in purchasing properties.

Furthermore, the speaker emphasised the value of OpenLot leads, highlighting that they contained accurate contact information, leading to a higher sales rate. The speaker mentioned having achieved a 30 to 40% sales rate, which they found impressive and worth the investment as a developer. There was a sense of competition and eagerness among salespeople to secure OpenLot leads due to their quality. The speaker enthusiastically recommended OpenLot to others in the real estate industry, describing the results as unprecedented in their experience and even suggesting that OpenLot should have remained a secret to maintain a competitive advantage in lead generation.