The Importance of Choosing a Master Pool Builder Member

By: | 11 Jul, 2023

[House + Land Expo 2022] The importance of choosing a Master Pool Builder Member

[House + Land Expo 2022] The importance of choosing a Master Pool Builder Member - MPBAA

Chris Samartzis of Master Pool Builders Association Australia (MPBAA). The MPBAA was a peak body that represented master pool builders and advocated for self-regulation in the industry. Chris discussed:

  • The importance of choosing a Master Pool Builder Member.
  • Pools and spas were the second largest purchase homeowners made and
  • The critical aspects involved in pool construction

Samartzis emphasised the mission of the MPBAA to ensure that backyard dreams had a positive impact on the social well-being of families. The association valued integrity, quality leadership, continuous improvement, and building a sense of community among its members. Training programs were provided to ensure expertise and professionalism in the industry.

His discussion stressed the benefits of choosing a member of the MPBAA for pool construction. The association conducted a thorough vetting process, including checking references, licensing, insurance, and conducting interviews with pool builders. By using members, consumers could trust that they were working with professionals who adhered to a code of ethics and industry standards.

Water sustainability and conservation were highlighted through the association's water-neutral pool program. This program focused on implementing measures such as water tanks, covers, backwash minimisation systems, and energy-efficient equipment to save water and create environmentally friendly pools.

The importance of safety barriers was discussed, particularly in relation to current regulations. The MPBAA played a role in shaping safety barrier legislation and emphasised the need for compliance to ensure the safety of pool and spa owners. Building permits, inspections, and regular maintenance of safety barriers were essential to meet regulatory requirements.

The video below also touched on the potential risks of owner builders and advised consumers to rely on industry professionals for pool construction. It emphasised the need for research, asking questions, and understanding the building process to ensure a positive experience.

In summary, the video highlighted the role of the MPBAA in advocating for quality pool construction and the importance of choosing a Master Pool Builder Member. It emphasised the association's commitment to integrity, professionalism, and safety in the industry, as well as the significance of water sustainability and compliance with regulations.