Western Australia: Top 30 Most Searched Housing Developments (September 2023)

By: OpenLot.com.au | 23 Oct, 2023

Western Australia: Top 30 Most Searched Housing Developments (September 2023)

Western Australia, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant urban centres, continues to be a thriving hub for remarkable housing developments. OpenLot.com.au is excited to reveal the top 30 housing developments in Western Australia, carefully ranked based on organic search activity on our platform from September 1 to September 30, 2023. In this article, we'll dive into several developments, commencing with the top five, and offer insights into what makes them stand out.

1. Nautic - Two Rocks WA 6037:

Claiming the top spot, we have Nautic in Two Rocks, WA 6037. This development is making waves with its coastal charm, contemporary design, and a lifestyle that resonates with those who seek beachside living.

2. Sapphire - Southern River WA 6110:

Securing the second position is Sapphire in Southern River, WA 6110. This development exudes elegance with its modern architecture and a range of amenities that are capturing the attention of those who appreciate refined living.

3. Glen Iris - Jandakot WA 6164:

Glen Iris in Jandakot, WA 6164, takes the third place on our list. It shines for its community focus and a harmonious blend of suburban tranquility and contemporary living. It's an appealing choice for those desiring a balanced lifestyle.

4. Catalina - Mindarie WA 6030:

In the fourth spot, we find Catalina in Mindarie, WA 6030. This development stands out with its coastal allure, environmentally friendly features, and a relaxed seaside lifestyle that is highly coveted.

5. Geraldton Heights - Moresby WA 6530:

Rounding off the top five is Geraldton Heights in Moresby, WA 6530. Its popularity is attributed to the serene living spaces and a sense of community connectivity that it offers, making it an enticing choice for those who value a balanced and community-focused lifestyle.


1NauticTwo Rocks WA 6037
2SapphireSouthern River WA 6110
3Glen IrisJandakot WA 6164
4CatalinaMindarie WA 6030
5Geraldton HeightsMoresby WA 6530
6East GreenGreenwood WA 6024
7Cardup MeadowsCardup WA 6122
8North DandalupNorth Dandalup WA 6207
9FlorenceMandogalup WA 6167
10Oceanfront South BeachNorth Coogee WA 6163
11The AcreageDalyellup WA 6230
12CalleyaTreeby WA 6164
13AtwaterRockingham WA 6168
14Ocean Reef MarinaOcean Reef WA 6027
15Treeby ParkAnketell WA 6167
16Olive GardensYangebup WA 6164
17Eco FloraKalbarri WA 6536
18Lancelin SouthLancelin WA 6044
19SpringtimeHaynes WA 6112
20Holland LoopCrooked Brook WA 6236
21Sam RosaDayton WA 6055
22AyanaPiara Waters WA 6112
23Wungong Private FieldsDarling Downs WA 6122
24SpindriftMargaret River WA 6285
25Honeycomb FarmGingin WA 6503
26Yanchep JunctionYanchep WA 6035
27Bletchley Park PrivateSouthern River WA 6110
28Florida BeachDawesville WA 6211
29Tuart PrivateBaldivis WA 6171
30Harrisdale GreenHarrisdale WA 6112


Please note that the ranking is based on project page views from organic searches on openlot.com.au 1/9/2023 to 30/9/2023.

These top housing developments represent only a glimpse of the myriad captivating options available to those considering property investments or searching for a new home in Western Australia. As the property market continues to evolve, staying informed about the most sought-after developments is essential for making well-informed choices. Whether you're drawn to coastal living, contemporary elegance, community integration, eco-conscious options, or serene suburban tranquility, Western Australia offers a diverse range of housing developments that cater to a multitude of preferences.