Why Attend OpenLot House + Land Expo?

By: OpenLot.com.au | 28 Jul, 2023

House Land Expo


Why attend OpenLot House + Land Expo?

The OpenLot House + Land Expo was a highly successful event with a genuinely interested and engaged audience. Many attendees were potential clients seeking information about house and land opportunities, while others already had a block and were interested in building. The event provided a comprehensive view of the market, featuring banks, mortgage brokers, and home inland packages.

Numerous first-time buyers attended the expo, seeking guidance and assurance about entering the market. The exhibitors were committed to offering knowledge and information to instill confidence in these potential buyers. Moreover, there were special discounts available, and attendees had the chance to see what various builders had to offer, gaining insights into current market trends.

The event yielded great results for some exhibitors, with three out of twelve blocks being sold on the spot. Additionally, there was a live release planned, and several serious contenders were eagerly waiting for it. The positive response indicated that the expo was a significant platform for showcasing properties and attracting potential buyers.

Exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with the event, praising the high number of attendees and the quality of the inquiries received. For some, it surpassed expectations, with many visitors stopping by their display, resulting in promising leads and numerous registrations for further information.

Experienced individuals in the industry who had attended numerous home shows over the years found the OpenLot House + Land Expo to be exceptional. They appreciated the friendly and accommodating atmosphere, and the event was described as a standout among other similar gatherings.

Overall, the OpenLot House + Land Expo was a resounding success, with its informative sessions, valuable discounts, and quality leads. Exhibitors were eager to participate again in the future, and it left a positive impression on both seasoned professionals and first-time attendees alike.