The Importance of Independent Assessments During Construction

By: | 14 Jul, 2023

 Importance of Independent Assessments During Construction of Your New Home

House Land Expo 2022 The importance of independent assessments during construction of your new home

The director of Landmark Brendan Frost, discussed at the House + Land Expo 2022 the importance of independent assessments during the construction of a new home. Landmark specialises in construction stage inspections, pre-purchase building inspections, investigative building inspections, and rental compliance assessments. The director presented a case study of a project taken over from another builder, highlighting the significance of quality assurance inspections.

Upon reviewing the project's documentation, including plans and engineering reports, Landmark found no issues in the building reports. However, during a site assessment, they discovered concrete honeycombing and unsupported load-bearing walls in the basement. They also identified problems with the backfilled clay and the inappropriate roofing material on the top floor. Landmark provided a report to the developer, who was shocked to learn that the building needed significant rectification work. The developer sought help from Landmark and forensic engineers to design a solution, but it resulted in additional costs and legal proceedings against the original builder.

Landmark emphasised their services, which consist of up to seven inspections throughout the construction process. These inspections include:

  • Assessing the steel reinforcement and foundations before concrete pouring;
  • Inspecting the frame;
  • Checking the plumbing and electrical systems;
  • Ensuring waterproofing and proper installation of doors and windows; and
  • Conducting a practical completion inspection.

Landmark also mentioned their rental compliance assessments, focusing on structural soundness, gas, electrical, and smoke alarm checks in rental properties.

The director clarified that Landmark's goal is to provide peace of mind to homeowners and raise industry standards. They believe their inspections benefit builders by minimizing warranty callbacks. The director encouraged attendees to visit Landmark's stand at the expo to discuss their services further.

During the Q&A session, the director explained Landmark's approach to defects found during inspections. They send reports to both the builder and homeowner to expedite the rectification process. While Landmark does not follow up with the builder after sending the report, they reassess the issues during the next inspection. The director also addressed concerns about nitpicking, assuring that Landmark only reports legitimate concerns, resulting in an 85-90% success rate of rectification by builders.