Breaking the Ice - Industry Training Module 2

By: | 20 Sep, 2023

Breaking the Ice

Breaking The Ice

In the session "Breaking The Ice" Daniel Spencer discussed effective strategies for initiating and managing phone conversations. Daniel emphasised the importance of prior agreement before making a call, as this established a sense of expectation and readiness for the conversation. It was essential to exit conversations with a clear plan for the next interaction, often including sending a calendar invite to solidify the commitment.

When cold calling, setting a specific timeframe for the call, such as a quick two-minute chat, helped break the ice. Daniel advised against apologising for the call but rather framed it as an opportunity for a brief discussion. Using the Japanese language's approach of thanking the person for waiting instead of apologising was suggested to maintain a positive tone.

The conversation began with a warm and friendly approach, but eventually, it transitioned to discussing business matters. Daniel emphasised the importance of referencing previous interactions to bring the conversation to life and engage the other party. Highlighting the motivation or needs discussed in prior interactions was crucial to keep the conversation relevant and meaningful.

The transcript also touched on the importance of making the person on the other end of the line feel good about their inquiries or decisions. This involved acknowledging their interest, making them feel valued, and instilling confidence in their choices.

Finally, Daniel stressed the significance of being responsive and proactive when following up with inquiries. Being quick to respond and maintaining frequent contact with potential clients was essential, especially in a competitive market. Mixing up the type of calls made (e.g., value calls, appointment calls, product calls) helped maintain engagement throughout the transaction process.

In summary, "Breaking The Ice" provided valuable insights into effective telephone communication, emphasising the importance of preparation, positivity, and responsiveness in building and maintaining productive conversations, particularly in a sales or business context.