The Follow Up - Industry Training Module 1

By: | 17 Aug, 2023

The Follow Up


The Follow Up with Daniel Spencer

Daniel Spencer discussed techniques for effective follow-up with potential clients, particularly in the real estate sector. He emphasised the importance of maintaining a rhythm in the follow-up process and outlined a sequence that involved contacting prospects at specific intervals over a 14-day period.

Key Points:

  • Follow-up rhythm: Daniel suggested reaching out to prospects in a structured manner over 14 days, with intervals of immediate contact, followed by communication after 24, 48, and 72 hours. If there was no response within this timeframe, the prospect's information went into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for further engagement.
  • Cuddling the call technique: A pivotal strategy discussed was the "cuddling the call" technique. This entailed making an immediate call to a prospect upon receiving their inquiry, followed by leaving a voicemail message. This message was followed up with a text message that included his contact card, facilitating easy interaction.
  • Personalised emails: Daniel emphasised sending curated and personalised email responses to inquiries. These emails should have referenced the specific time of the inquiry, the requested information, and any additional details the prospect provided. Reflective questions were recommended to further engage the prospect.
  • Timing mattered: Scheduling follow-up calls and messages at the exact times when prospects were likely to be online was crucial. This increased the chances of them responding and engaging in a conversation.
  • Multichannel approach: Daniel highlighted the effectiveness of a multichannel approach to follow-up. Just as marketers used multiple platforms for advertising before sending an email campaign, following up through different channels enhanced response rates.

Daniel emphasised that while templates had their place, a customised and thoughtful approach was more likely to yield positive outcomes in follow-up efforts. The conversation also touched on the interconnectedness of devices, with phone interactions influencing the content seen on other devices within the same group.

The talk with Daniel Spencer provided insights into an effective follow-up strategy involving a structured rhythm, the "cuddling the call" technique, personalised emails, strategic timing, and a multichannel approach. These strategies aimed to increase engagement and response rates when reaching out to potential clients, particularly in the real estate sector.