Creating Urgency - Industry Training Module 1

By: | 17 Aug, 2023

Creating Urgency


Creating urgency with Daniel Spencer


In a discussion with Daniel Spencer, the significance of deadlines in generating urgency was emphasised. He illustrated the effectiveness of deadlines through relatable scenarios such as the long queues at the post office on Fridays or crowded stores before Valentine's Day. The concept of deadlines driving motivation was linked to the world of construction, where companies offered incentives like an $80,000 benefit if a deal was sealed by a particular date. He advocated for leveraging deadlines to create pressure, like securing builder prices within six weeks to prevent cost increases in January. This strategy was particularly effective as builders reviewed pricing in mid-December and confirmed deals in early February. The necessity of deadlines was highlighted as a motivational tool.

Moreover, Daniel introduced the analogy of "sunshine" personalities (optimists) versus "rain cloud" personalities (pessimists). When dealing with optimists, emphasising benefits led to successful sales, whereas with pessimists, highlighting potential losses became vital. Daniel noted the dynamic in a couple's relationship where one might be optimistic and the other cautious, leading to balanced decisions. Personal experience was shared about collaborative decisions with his spouse. The importance of instilling hope within the urgency approach was underscored. Daniel often employed this approach in negotiations by conveying that the end was near and encouraging clients to reflect on their long-term investment.

In the negotiation process, Daniel advocated breaking down large sums into manageable figures, such as comparing an extra $50,000 over ten years to daily expenses. The technique of reducing things to the ridiculous was employed to make choices more tangible. Additionally, he highlighted the concept of creating interest around urgency. Informing potential buyers of existing interest and the possibility of missing out, he prompted them to make faster decisions. The strategy of securing interest and offering placeholders was discussed as a way to spur action. Lastly, a numerical example involving loan rates was presented to illustrate the relevance of acting swiftly to avoid a drop in loan approval amounts.

The conversation with Daniel Spencer outlined the persuasive role of deadlines in evoking urgency, drawing parallels with real-life situations. The importance of tailoring approaches for different personality types was emphasised, with optimism and caution being considered in decision-making. Collaborative decision-making within relationships was praised, and strategies involving breaking down costs and creating interest were detailed. Overall, the dialogue highlighted the significance of urgency and tailored communication in driving sales and decision-making.