Four-layered Selling - Industry Training Module 1

By: | 16 Aug, 2023

Four-layered Selling

Four-layered Selling with Daniel Spencer

Daniel discussed the concept of layered selling, aimed at making the sales process more engaging and effective. He introduced four distinct layers, each serving as a transition in the buyer's journey. The first layer was 'Curious.' In this layer, people were merely curious about a product or service, like the release of the new Tesla Model Y. Curiosity was a passive state, distinct from genuine interest, which involved a deeper level of involvement and commitment. 

Transitioning from curiosity to interest required effort, such as test driving the Tesla and checking financing options. Creating urgency, the second layer, became pivotal to prompt action. The urgency factor was often cultivated from market dynamics and rising prices, prompting potential buyers to act swiftly. However, urgency alone was insufficient. It was crucial to channel that energy into making a decision, signing contracts, and taking actual steps forward.

Daniel emphasised the importance of understanding these four layers through relatable anecdotes. He recounted how he had witnessed a local netball event that attracted a multitude of people within a short span, illustrating the dynamics of leveraging interest in the community. He pointed out that selecting a passion-driven area to engage with potential customers could be highly effective. This approach allowed for the cultivation of relationships, wherein genuine conversations could lead to an understanding of customers' needs and preferences.

Drawing parallels, Daniel shared insights from Arthur Chillaftas, formerly associated with a major pharmaceutical company. Arthur's experience underscored the importance of shaping markets rather than merely responding to existing demand. He cited instances where pharmaceutical companies generated urgency and market interest through media campaigns focused on health crises before offering their products, thereby creating a receptive environment for their offerings.

In summary, Daniel Spencer's presentation "Four-layered Selling" introduced a strategic approach to sales that involved transitioning potential buyers through layers of curiosity, interest, urgency, and action. By sharing relatable stories and real-world examples, he highlighted the significance of cultivating relationships, understanding market dynamics, and shaping customer needs to drive successful sales outcomes.