Cuddle The Call - Industry Training Module 2

By: | 22 Sep, 2023

Cuddle the Call

Cuddle The Call

Daniel Spencer discussed a concept called "Cuddle The Call," which related to leaving messages and effectively getting people to return your calls. This technique involved a multi-pronged approach for initial contact with individuals you wanted to connect with. It began with leaving a voicemail when you called someone for the first time. If you didn't reach them, you were advised to promptly send a text message and an email, all in real-time.

However, the key to successfully employing this strategy was acknowledging each form of communication. Failing to do so could lead to confusion on the recipient's end. Daniel emphasised the importance of adapting to the recipient's preferred method of communication to maximise the chances of a response. Marketers were aware of a similar principle: repeating a marketing message in different channels increased the likelihood of engagement.

Daniel drew attention to the challenge of acquiring memberships in the sports industry, citing the high number of professional sporting organisations in competition for members. This competition was further intensified by the numerous priorities and distractions in people's lives, including kids' activities like netball, soccer, and martial arts. To succeed in this environment, it was crucial to continually remind potential members of the importance of supporting your organisation, hence the significance of "Cuddle The Call."

"Cuddle The Call" is a strategy that involves leaving voicemails, sending texts, and emails to establish contact with individuals you want to connect with, while also recognising and respecting their preferred mode of communication. This approach was particularly important in industries with intense competition and multiple distractions, such as professional sports, where reminding potential supporters of your organisation's value was crucial.