Working with the Client - Industry Training Module 1

By: | 14 Aug, 2023

Working with the Client with Daniel Spencer


Working with the Client with Daniel Spencer


Daniel shared insights about effective client interaction, sales strategies, and key matters including:

  • Emphasising the significance of market knowledge.
  • The importance of understanding different property values, both resale and off-plan.
  • The approach of a real estate training company, asserting that despite being more expensive than competitors, their value was evident in outcomes. He recounted a recent success where addressing cost concerns head-on resulted in a contract being signed.

Daniel underscored the need to identify obstacles and objections in sales, advocating for proactive resolution. He encouraged asking clients about potential hindrances they foresee, allowing salespeople to provide value and overcome these hurdles swiftly. The concept of "needs versus wants" was discussed in navigating client preferences. Additionally, Daniel addressed the significance of forecasting and addressing unforeseen challenges, aligning with the perspective of sales as obstacle hunting.

Communication strategies were explored, with the Daniel providing a range of questions to engage clients effectively. These questions aimed to elicit thoughts and insights from potential buyers, uncovering motivations, concerns, and preferences. He highlighted the importance of consistently following up with clients, especially after addressing obstacles. He emphasised that the best salespeople understand clients' desire to buy, and they utilise this understanding to provide tailored information and close deals successfully. 

In the context of visiting display villages, Daniel stressed the importance of skilled salespersons who understand client needs and match products accordingly. He elaborated that customers seek knowledgeable and attentive salespeople who can guide them through the buying process, underlining the value of a customer-centric approach.

He also delved into the significance of strategic thinking and maintaining a positive mindset. He shared personal experiences and advised against using the word "can't," promoting a problem-solving attitude instead. Encouraging continuous learning, Daniel suggested engaging with current customers to understand their motivations, preferences, and concerns, which can guide decision-making and strategy refinement.

Daniel concluded by discussing the practice of silence in conversations, as well as the importance of asking clients about their decision-making processes in other contexts, like purchasing a car or renting a property. The talk ultimately emphasised the importance of understanding clients deeply, staying proactive in addressing their concerns, and mastering effective communication for successful sales outcomes.