Industry Training with Dan Spencer: Questioning Skills

By: | 29 Mar, 2024


Questioning Skills


In the industry training module on "Questioning Skills," Dan Spencer shares invaluable insights into the art of effective communication with clients. Spencer advocates for a strategic approach to questioning, beginning with the "issues agenda" method. By proactively understanding clients' initial concerns and setting the agenda accordingly, sales professionals can steer conversations towards meaningful topics, fostering engagement and trust. Spencer underscores the importance of considering not only the primary client but also other stakeholders involved, such as partners, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and perspectives.

Moreover, Spencer emphasises the human element in sales interactions, encouraging professionals to prioritise building genuine connections with clients. By showing sincere interest in clients' backgrounds, aspirations, and experiences, salespersons can establish rapport and credibility, laying a solid foundation for successful transactions. Spencer's approach highlights the value of focusing on the individual first before delving into product details, allowing for a more personalised and empathetic sales experience.

Furthermore, Spencer delves into the art of uncovering value through strategic questioning techniques. He suggests guiding clients through a series of questions that bridge their past, present, and future experiences, enabling sales professionals to better understand their motivations and preferences. By asking insightful and probing questions, salespersons can unearth unique value propositions that resonate with clients, ultimately influencing their decision-making process. Spencer's guidance empowers sales professionals to transform their client interactions, fostering deeper connections and driving successful outcomes in the real estate market.