Industry Training with Dan Spencer: Sales Mindset

By: | 29 Mar, 2024
Module 4: Sales Mindset


Sales Mindset


In the industry training module titled "Sales Mindset," the renowned sales expert emphasises the importance of instilling confidence in potential homebuyers. The video underscores the crucial role of sales representatives in guiding clients through the decision-making process and addressing their concerns. The primary objective, as outlined by the expert, is to provide peace of mind to clients, ensuring clarity in their criteria and facilitating their journey towards committing to purchasing a home.

The expert introduces a technique termed "ham bam," urging viewers to adopt a proactive approach in scheduling follow-up meetings with clients. "Ham bam" stands for "have a meeting, book a meeting," emphasising the significance of immediately setting up the next interaction before concluding the current one. By scheduling meetings in advance and ensuring continuous engagement, sales representatives can maintain momentum in the sales process and establish a strong rapport with clients.

Moreover, the video stresses the value of respecting clients' time and seamlessly integrating meetings into their schedules. Sales professionals are encouraged to prioritise scheduling meetings during face-to-face interactions and promptly sending calendar invites to solidify commitments. By adhering to the "ham bam" approach and consistently booking meetings, sales representatives can effectively nurture leads, build trust, and ultimately drive successful outcomes in the homebuying journey.