Overcoming Follow Up Objections - Industry Training Module 3

By: OpenLot.com.au | 09 Oct, 2023

Overcoming Follow Up Objections - Industry Training Module 3

Overcoming Follow Up Objections (Industry Training Module 3)

Daniel Spencer discussed strategies for overcoming follow-up objections in a sales context, specifically within the context of industry training. The module emphasised the importance of addressing objections and concerns effectively. One common objection mentioned was when potential buyers claimed they were "in no rush." The module advised salespeople to validate this objection by emphasising their willingness to provide information and support, rather than pushing for an immediate sale.

Another objection that was discussed was when potential buyers mentioned they had been looking at other options. The module suggested asking about the properties they considered and why they didn't pursue them, with the aim of understanding their preferences better.

The training also addressed objections related to price comparisons and promotions. Salespeople were encouraged to attach value to their offerings by highlighting unique features or benefits, rather than focusing solely on price.

Additionally, the module emphasised the importance of gathering information from clients through thorough questioning and observation, similar to a doctor diagnosing a patient. This approach helped build trust and positioned the salesperson as a trusted advisor.

Lastly, the module acknowledged the challenges of scheduling face-to-face meetings and recommended using video conferencing tools like Zoom as a halfway point between in-person and phone interactions, allowing for more interactive and informative discussions.

In summary, the training module provided sales professionals with strategies to address objections effectively, build trust, and offer value to potential buyers, ultimately improving their sales approach.