Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange SOLD OUT

Total new homes203
Area sizeN/A
Growth RegionWollongong (Illawarra-Shoalhaven Region)
City councilWollongong City Council
Developer NewQuest Property
Project marketer Home & Land Agency
Creative agency Delivery Creative Services
Distance to Wollongong CBD - 10 km south-west Sydney CBD - 77 km south-west

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Suburb Planning Review in Kembla Grange NSW 2526

Kembla Grange is approximately 14.6 square kilometre within the Wollongong City Council, forming part of the Sydney Basin area in New South Wales, located 76.2 kilometres south west of Sydney. 

The southern portion of the suburb is primarily rural land holdings, with Mount Kemble found in the north within the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area and rural residential properties. The only pocket of low density housing is found in the east with an increased density. The centre of the suburb is a mixed industrial area containing an electricity substation, waste and resource recovery centre, concrete plant, auto car storage and service centre. The suburb does not have a business district, though has a range of outdoor recreation / activities in the south east, including gold course, motor museum, racetrack and go karting.

Kembla Grange, NSW - Suburb Location


The suburb boundary is located along property boundaries to the west. The suburb boundaries to the north are along existing property boundaries and the existing rail line corridor. The Princess Motorway, Princess Highway, Mullet Creek, and property boundaries provide the eastern boundary and the existing rail corridor provides the boundary to the south.

A series of small creeks, gullies and overland flow paths extending from Mullet Creek, linking dams throughout the suburb. W Dapto Road provides access to the surrounding suburbs and local government areas, with a local network of roads providing access to the rural area.

Kembla Grange - Aerial MapKembla Grange, NSW – Local Government Areas


Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan 2036

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan (ISRP) was released in 2015 and provides the strategic framework for future growth in the Region over the next 20 years. Since then, the NSW Government has delivered further documents, including the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038, Future Transport 2056, A 20-year Economic Vision for Regional NSW and NSW South Coast Marine Tourism Strategy 2019. 

The Regional Plan was revised in 2021 and identifies 15 regionally significant precincts that will drive jobs creation, housing diversity, and vibrant communities. These places contain more than 2,300 hectares for employment, hubs for recreation, culture, housing, and innovation, as well as almost 45,000 jobs, and growth areas.

The regional cities of Shellharbour and Nowra align with the vision for the Illawarra Shoalhaven to serve as a central hub for business, government, and culture. They are envisioned as gathering places for civic events, community engagement, and social gatherings, while also serving as attractive destinations for visitors. Both regional cities are strategically situated adjacent to the regionally significant growth areas of West Lake Illawarra and Nowra Bomaderry. 

Collectively, these areas comprise the largest urban expansion areas in regional New South Wales, with a combined capacity for 37,600 housing lots. The residents settling in these regions will rely on the regional cities for employment opportunities, access to healthcare and educational services, and recreational activities.

The Regional Plan outlined that a major regional land release areas of in the West Lake Illawarra area includes West Dapto, with the most northern area containing the suburb of Kembla Grange.


West Dapto Structure Plan 2018

The NSW State Government prepared the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan in 2015 (Regional Plan) which estimates that by 2050 the Illawarra-Shoalhaven region will have a population of about half a million people. 

In preparation the Wollongong City Council leased the West Dapto Structure Plan 2018, that revised the initial plan released in 2008. The structure plan was Wollongong City Council estimates the West Dapto Urban Release Area will provide about 19,500 dwellings and an additional population of about 56,500 people once fully developed over 50-plus years. A release plan was also prepared to stage out the proposed land availability to ensure services, infrastructure and community services were included in all new urban redevelopment.

West Dapto Structure Plan


The West Dapto Structure Plan identifies: 

  • Town and village centres 
  • Conservation land 
  • Heritage items and potential curtilages 
  • Transition land (environmental constraints) 
  • Development land 
  • Employment land 
  • Large open space facilities (neighbourhood parks 2-5 ha, and district parks 5-8 ha) 
  • Structural road network 
  • Creek lines and flood extents (1% AEP)
West Dapto Stages 1 to 5 map



  • Stages 1 and 2 were rezoned for urban development in 2010 and include Kembla Grange to Wongawilli and the area west of Horsley. 
  • Stage 3 of the urban release area is Cleveland and 
  • State 4 of the urban release area is Avondale
  • Stage 5 (Yallah/Marshall Mount) and the Dapto Town Centre precincts will develop separately.

Kembla Grange (Stage 1 and 2)

Stages 1 and 2 have several unique features, including: 

  • Potential development of around 6,700 dwellings. 
  • Employment land (industrial zones) located close to Unanderra light industrial area and well connected to Dapto Regional Centre along the Princes Highway, Port Kembla, and the M1 Motorway. 
  • South of the employment lands will be home to Darkes Town Centre, approx. 7,500m2 of commercial/ retail floor space providing for a range of shops and services as well as community 

facilities and active open space for community recreation. 

  • Protection and rehabilitation of riparian corridors and conservation areas (vegetation and 
  • Improved water quality, recreational opportunities, and connectivity of remnant vegetation 
  • Structural road network that will connect from outside the release area 
  • Active transport facilities (cycleways and shared paths) connecting residential areas 
  • Two village centres (Wongawilli and Jersey Farm) providing local convenience shops 
  • Two primary schools at Darkes Town Centre and Wongawilli and Jersey Farm Roads
  • Bong Bong Town Centre will provide retail needs, local services, and community facilities 
  • Employment opportunities supporting opportunity for denser housing products.
  • located convenient to public and active transport links. 

To date development has occurred in the Kembla Grange (northern area) that will gradually extend south while also widening east to west. 

Wollongong DCP 2009

Wollongong Development Control Plan 2009 (DCP) provides the guidance for the future development of the West Dapto Urban Release Area and includes the following Vision:

“West Dapto will grow and develop as a series of integrated and connected communities. Set against the spectacular Illawarra Escarpment and a landscape of riparian valleys, these communities will integrate the natural and cultural heritage of the area with the new urban form. The communities will be healthy, sustainable, and resilient with active and passive open space accessible by walkways, cycleways, and public transport. 

To support these new communities, local centres will provide shopping services, community services and jobs while employment lands will facilitate further opportunities for the region. West Dapto will be supported by a long-term strategy to oversee the timely implementation of infrastructure to deliver sustainable and high-quality suburbs with diverse housing choices”.

Five out of the seven Employment Principles outlined in the West Dapto Vision 2018 are designed to provide guidance for the development and establishment of sustainable employment opportunities in the West Dapto Urban Release Area. 

The objective of creating job opportunities within proximity to West Dapto and its vicinity not only allows residents to work near their homes but also has the potential to alleviate the overall traffic impact associated with the development. The Structure Plan highlights the primary employment area located in the northern part of the release area at Kembla Grange, marked in purple. This land is predominantly designated for light and heavy industrial purposes. Furthermore, there are limited areas designated for light industrial use organized in an enterprise corridor to the north and south of the Dapto Regional Centre, as well as some parcels situated to the west of the M1 and along Yallah Road in Yallah, all aimed at providing additional employment opportunities within the local community.

Wollongong LEP 2009

In the Wollongong LEP 2009, Stage 1–2, some of Stages 3 and 4, and all of Stage 5 of the release area are zoned for residential development. There is also 175 hectares of employment land zoned at Kembla Grange.


Precinct Zoning

The current zoning provides heavy and light industrial towards the centre of the suburb, providing employment industries for the growth area and surrounding suburbs with large residential areas.

Kembla Grange - current zones


Suburb Summary


Kembla Grange

City / State

Wollongong City Council, New South Wales

Suburb Area

14.6 square kilometre


  • North – Existing property boundaries
  • East – The Princess Motorway, Princess Highway, Mullet Creek 
  • West – Existing property boundaries
  • South – Existing rail corridor

West Dapto (Kembla Grange)

Suburb inclusions

  • Environmental area
  • Low density residential
  • Large Industrial area 
  • Golf Course
  • New housing 
  • Increased population

Community Amenity

  • low-density residential areas
  • Local parks


Kembla Grange, 76.2 kilometres northwest of Sydney


None (adjoining suburbs)

Types of Residential

Housing choice and diversity to meet the needs of the community, through a mix of housing styles including stand-alone, R2 low density dwellings

Employment Areas

  • Local business and village centre
  • School
  • Services 




Local road network 

Recreation Areas 

Existing areas


Creek corridor

Settlement Pattern

Informal grid 



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FAQs about Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange

Who is the developer behind Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange?
NewQuest Property is the developer behind Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange.
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How many homes does Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange consist of?
There will be 203 new homes in Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange.
Which city council does Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange fall under?
Wollongong City Council is the local government area for Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange.
Who is the project marketer for Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange?
Home & Land Agency is the project marketer for Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange.
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Which schools near Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange?
Below are the nearby schools for Sanctuary Views Estate - Kembla Grange:
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  • Dapto Public School - 2.2km south-west
  • Dapto High School - 2.4km south
  • Kanahooka High School - 2.5km south-east
  • Hayes Park Public School - 3.0km south-east
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