Total new homes15
Area size0.09 hectares
City councilYarra City Council
Developer DeGroup
Project marketer Bricks & Mortar
Distance to Melbourne CBD4 km east

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Land Release Applications for Sprout Estate - Richmond

Land releaseLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
60 Glass Street, Richmond VIC 3121 62 Glass Street, Richmond VIC 3121 64 Glass Street, Richmond VIC 312115 PS821167J, 6812PS1, SP21/0003, SC21/0004CRA Survey Pty Ltd03/02/2021Proposed unit development constructed in accordance with approved development plans. Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)

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Schools near Sprout Estate - Richmond

Here are 6 schools near Sprout Estate - Richmond:

FAQs about Sprout Estate - Richmond

Who is the developer behind Sprout Estate - Richmond?
DeGroup is the developer behind Sprout Estate - Richmond.
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How many homes does Sprout Estate - Richmond consist of?
There will be 15 new homes in Sprout Estate - Richmond.
What’s the total area size for Sprout Estate - Richmond?
Sprout Estate - Richmond has 0.09 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Sprout Estate - Richmond fall under?
Yarra City Council is the local government area for Sprout Estate - Richmond.
What is the distance from Sprout Estate - Richmond to Melbourne CBD?
Sprout Estate - Richmond is 4 km east of Melbourne CBD.
Who is the project marketer for Sprout Estate - Richmond?
Bricks & Mortar is the project marketer for Sprout Estate - Richmond.
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Which schools near Sprout Estate - Richmond?
Below are the nearby schools for Sprout Estate - Richmond:
  • Richmond Primary School - 593m south-west
  • Melbourne Indigenous Transition School - 833m north-west
  • Richmond High School - 932m north
  • Melbourne Girls College - 933m north-east
  • Lynall Hall Community School - 1.0km north
  • Trinity Catholic School - 1.1km north
Sprout Estate - Richmond