Case Study - 🤝 "Objection handling for 1 in 10 Conversion Rate" - Cameron Pino Case Study (Part 3)

By: | 06 Aug, 2022

🤝 "Objection handling for 1 in 10 Conversion Rate" - Cameron Pino Case Study (Part 3)


In this discussion with Cameron Pino from The Avenue Property Co, the focus was on objection handling to achieve a 1 in 10 conversion rate in real estate. Cameron highlighted the importance of understanding that not all properties were suitable for everyone due to variations in size and features. For instance, Eagle Heights Estate had a minimum lot size of 510 square meters, which did not appeal to buyers who didn't want a large backyard to maintain. To address this, Cameron collaborated with other agents and developers to provide options that better matched clients' preferences.

One key takeaway from the study was the emphasis on effective communication. Cameron stressed the need to maintain constant contact with potential buyers. This included sending updates, reservation notifications, and even creating a sense of urgency to prevent clients from getting sidetracked. The goal was not just to sell but to keep clients informed and engaged throughout the process.

Regarding price negotiation, Cameron discussed two approaches depending on whether the land was titled or untitled. He believed in understanding the client's total budget and desired home features before presenting suitable options within that budget. For titled land, he sometimes created a sense of competition among buyers to encourage quicker decisions.

Lastly, Cameron mentioned the importance of highlighting the unique lifestyle and benefits of the estate he was selling. In the case of Eagle Heights Estate, he focused on its distinct features compared to other estates and tailored his selling approach accordingly. Overall, effective objection handling, communication, and customisation played pivotal roles in achieving a high conversion rate in the real estate industry.