Case Study - Polly Property 🎯 OpenLot's Specialisation in Off-the-Plan Sales

By: | 08 May, 2024

Polly Property 🎯 OpenLot's specialisation in off-the-plan is a point of difference


Polly Property, a leading sales and advisory firm specialising in off-the-plan property sales in Adelaide, South Australia, has found a valuable ally in OpenLot. Gareth Evans, representing Polly Property, emphasised OpenLot's unique focus during a recent interview. He noted that while other mainstream platforms serve broader markets, OpenLot stands out for its specialisation in off-the-plan purchasing within the Adelaide metropolitan area. This niche alignment has proven advantageous for Polly Property, allowing them to tap into a more targeted pool of potential buyers.

Evans highlighted the superior quality of leads generated through OpenLot compared to other platforms, describing them as a "step above" previous experiences. He noted OpenLot's responsiveness and willingness to collaborate closely with Polly Property, which facilitated successful deals benefiting both the agency and the precinct developers they represented. This partnership has solidified OpenLot as one of Polly Property's top marketing tools, enabling them to leverage its effectiveness in reaching potential buyers interested in off-the-plan properties.

Gareth Evans ended the testimonial by recommending OpenLot to fellow real estate professionals involved in off-the-plan sales. The success of Polly Property's collaboration with OpenLot underscores the evolving landscape of real estate marketing, where specialised platforms play a crucial role in maximising the impact of agencies' marketing efforts.