Unlocking Potential: Australia's Top 20 Suburbs for Investing in New Houses

By: OpenLot.com.au | 04 Sep, 2023


Australia's Top 20 Suburbs for Investing in New Houses

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Investing in real estate has always been a lucrative option, but finding the right location can be a daunting task. OpenLot.com.au has taken the guesswork out of property investment with its latest report, "Unlocking Potential: Australia's Top 20 Suburbs for Investing in New Houses." This comprehensive report provides strategic insights into emerging opportunities and growth prospects across various Australian states, helping investors make informed decisions and maximise their returns.

Investing in new properties offers a range of advantages that make it an attractive option for both seasoned and novice investors. New constructions provide the opportunity for customisation, allowing investors to tailor their properties to meet specific preferences. Additionally, new homes are built to the latest standards, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs in the early years.


OpenLot.com.au's report relies on a rigorous methodology to identify the top 20 suburbs for investing in new houses. Here's a glimpse into the process:

  1. Data Collection and Aggregation: The report analyses data from agent-advised sold homes in the last 8 weeks, aggregated by Statistical Area 2 (SA2). Median rents are calculated based on a rolling 12-month average, taking into account bed count and house type.

  2. Yield Calculation: Yields are calculated using sold prices and estimated rents, with the highest yield from each SA2 used to calculate the Potential Yield. It's important to note that the Potential Yield serves as a guide and not a guarantee for individual investors.

  3. Understanding Key Terms: The report clarifies key terms and concepts, such as median rent calculation, Statistical Area 2 (SA2), gross rental yield, and depreciation schedules.

  4. Alignment with OpenLot New Home Development: Suburbs in the analysis align with locations featuring OpenLot new home development options, enhancing the relevance of the findings for new home investors.

Top 20 Suburbs for Investing in New Houses

The report reveals the top-ranking suburbs for new house investments, spanning multiple states:

New South Wales (NSW): Several suburbs in NSW, such as Lake Cathie and Armidale, offer promising potential yields and rental income.

RankSuburbPotential YieldVacancy RatesTypical Rent
1Lake Cathie NSW 24456.67%2.2%$640
2Armidale NSW 23506.27%2.3%$500
3Thurgoona NSW 26405.57%2.0%$560
4Port Macquarie NSW 24445.49%1.8%$670
5Lochinvar NSW 23215.39%0.7%$600
6Edgeworth NSW 22855.28%1.1%$680
7Dubbo NSW 28305.20%0.9%$550
8Lennox Head NSW 24785.11%2.5%$760
9Calderwood NSW 25275.08%2.1%$700
10Orange NSW 28004.89%0.8%$550
11Chisholm NSW 23224.85%1.1%$660
12Forster NSW 24284.83%1.6%$650
13Warnervale NSW 22594.79%1.5%$650
14Parkes NSW 28704.51%1.4%$480
15Moore Creek NSW 23404.47%1.4%$460
16Box Hill NSW 27654.47%1.4%$795
17Cambewarra NSW 25404.44%1.7%$590
18Gillieston Heights NSW 23214.32%1.5%$540
19Old Bar NSW 24304.28%1.3%$590
20Tahmoor NSW 25734.12%2.1%$600


Victoria (VIC): Echuca, Wangaratta, Wurruk, and other Victorian suburbs, known for their strong rental markets, are highlighted in the report.

RankSuburbPotential YieldVacancy RatesTypical Rent
1Echuca VIC 35647.20%1.8%$760
2Wangaratta VIC 36776.27%1.0%$500
3Wurruk VIC 38506.13%1.4%$495
4West Wodonga VIC 36905.96%1.1%$530
5Mooroopna VIC 36295.93%0.6%$490
6Wodonga VIC 36905.70%1.0%$510
7Korumburra VIC 39505.70%0.8%$500
8Kangaroo Flat VIC 35555.64%1.4%$490
9Hastings VIC 39155.54%1.2%$600
10Horsham VIC 34005.51%1.0%$445
11Mansfield VIC 37225.47%1.2%$600
12Moe VIC 38255.44%1.6%$450
13Portland VIC 33055.43%1.7%$470
14San Remo VIC 39255.39%2.1%$500
15Alfredton VIC 33505.38%1.8%$450
16Frankston VIC 31995.34%1.5%$565
17Stratford VIC 38625.33%1.2%$480
18Traralgon VIC 38445.31%1.4%$495
19Ballan VIC 33425.20%1.2%$430
20Jackass Flat VIC 35565.14%1.2%$470


Queensland (QLD): Suburbs like Hope Island and Andergrove in QLD exhibit excellent potential yields and rental returns.

RankSuburbPotential YieldVacancy RatesTypical Rent
1Hope Island QLD 42127.61%2.1%$1,200
2Andergrove QLD 47407.18%1.0%$570
3Edmonton QLD 48697.04%0.9%$550
4Shoal Point QLD 47506.68%0.9%$520
5Cannonvale QLD 48026.56%0.7%$750
6Rural View QLD 47406.56%0.8%$530
7Marsden QLD 41326.11%0.8%$540
8Holmview QLD 42076.09%0.9%$550
9Highfields QLD 43526.06%0.4%$600
10Coomera QLD 42096.01%1.2%$670
11Bentley Park QLD 48695.94%0.5%$550
12Southside QLD 45705.93%1.5%$570
13Warwick QLD 43705.92%0.3%$495
14Tinana QLD 46505.89%0.6%$530
15Burnett Heads QLD 46705.82%1.2%$580
16Oxley QLD 40755.78%1.4%$650
17Upper Coomera QLD 42095.78%0.6%$675
18Logan Reserve QLD 41335.75%2.5%$550
19Raceview QLD 43055.71%1.3%$500
20Browns Plains QLD 41185.70%0.3%$550


South Australia (SA): Adelaide and its suburbs, including Starthablyn and Murray Bridge, showcase robust investment opportunities.

RankSuburbPotential YieldVacancy RatesTypical Rent
1Strathalbyn SA 52555.88%0.4%$520
2Murray Bridge SA 52535.46%0.8%$420
3Evanston Gardens SA 51165.35%0.8%$510
4Tanunda SA 53525.25%2.0%$550
5Lewiston SA 55015.20%0.0%$595
6Mount Barker SA 52515.15%1.2%$560
7Angle Vale SA 51174.99%0.9%$490
8Paralowie SA 51084.98%0.5%$520
9St Clair SA 50114.79%0.5%$590
10Hackham SA 51634.70%0.3%$550


Western Australia (WA): Kalbarri and Lakelands in WA offer attractive yield prospects for investors.

RankSuburbPotential YieldVacancy RatesTypical Rent
1Kalbarri WA 65367.09%0.0%$750
2Lakelands WA 61806.65%1.4%$550
3Southern River WA 61106.62%0.3%$630
4Dalyellup WA 62306.50%0.6%$550
5Brabham WA 60556.48%1.5%$600
6Baldivis WA 61716.43%0.8%$550
7Hilbert WA 61126.37%0.5%$500
8Australind WA 62336.24%0.6%$570
9Jindalee WA 60366.19%1.5%$625
10Bullsbrook WA 60846.16%0.0%$590
11Dayton WA 60556.09%0.9%$570
12Caversham WA 60556.03%0.2%$600
13Wellard WA 61706.01%0.5%$530
14Anketell WA 61675.94%0.3%$575
15Alkimos WA 60385.86%1.6%$580
16Byford WA 61225.84%0.8%$550
17Hamilton Hill WA 61635.83%0.9%$650
18Sinagra WA 60655.78%0.7%$595
19Piara Waters WA 61125.76%0.2%$620
20Hammond Park WA 61645.74%0.6%$600


OpenLot Report: A Valuable Resource

Reports from OpenLot prove to be an invaluable asset for individuals contemplating investments in new houses throughout Australia. By offering strategic insights, detailed analyses, and a focus on emerging opportunities, the report equips investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in the competitive real estate market.

Qi Chen, CEO and founder of OpenLot, emphasises the importance of understanding market nuances and the role of community interaction in investment decisions. The report not only provides numbers but also insights into the dynamic nature of each suburb, helping investors navigate the complexities of real estate investment.

Whether you're drawn to the potential yield in Kalbarri, WA, or the promising vacancy rates in Southern River, WA, OpenLot.com.au's report illuminates the path for informed decision-making in the ever-exciting landscape of Australian real estate. To explore the full report and OpenLot's new home development options, visit the OpenLot website today.