Case Study - Latitude Real Estate discussed about Service Guarantee

By: | 02 Sep, 2023

Latitude Real Estate discussed about Service Guarantee


Latitude Real Estate recently discussed the Service Guarantee, highlighting their long-established partnership with OpenLot and its impact on their marketing efforts for residential land subdivisions. Bob Hand and George, both representing Latitude Real Estate, had been in the industry for a significant period, emphasising the constant need for innovative approaches to reach their target markets. They mentioned their collaboration with OpenLot since its inception, initially receiving free and high-quality leads. Currently, all of their vendors were engaged with OpenLot.

Underbank, a project that had thrived for five to six years, served as a testament to the success of having multiple choices for clients. This underscored the significance of OpenLot's diverse stock, allowing Latitude Real Estate to secure sales effectively. OpenLot's role in handling messaging, through various means like EDMs and SMS, was pivotal. While Latitude Real Estate advised on their estate's developments, the responsibility for generating leads primarily lay with OpenLot. This cooperative effort ensured a predictable monthly lead flow for developers, a rare guarantee in the industry.

The unique aspect of OpenLot's service guarantee was its commitment to lead generation, which was especially attractive to developers. Notably, few businesses offered such a guarantee of performance. Moreover, Latitude Real Estate underscored the importance of actively following up on leads received. Their dedicated staff diligently pursued these leads, resulting in strong conversion rates. In summary, Latitude Real Estate's partnership with OpenLot had proven instrumental in streamlining their marketing efforts for residential land subdivisions, providing a consistent source of quality leads, and ultimately driving conversions.