"First sale with OpenLot in 3 weeks!" - Tim from Tradewinds Coomera

By: OpenLot.com.au | 13 May, 2024

"First sale with OpenLot in 3 weeks and now sold out the development" - Tim from Tradewinds Coomera


In the dynamic world of real estate development, strategic marketing and effective lead generation are essential components for success. Tim Blair, Tradewinds Coomera Director, recently shared his OpenLot experience. Initially unfamiliar with OpenLot, Tim's team began receiving complimentary leads which, despite initial uncertainty, turned out to be high-quality and genuine. This positive experience prompted them to engage with the OpenLot team and launch a promoted marketing campaign.

While utilising other marketing avenues like REA, Tim noted that OpenLot's pre-qualified leads with detailed contact information made it significantly easier to establish direct communication with interested buyers. This advantage led to their first sale through OpenLot within an astonishingly short timeframe of just three weeks. The ability to quickly access support from the OpenLot team, led by Con, was another crucial factor contributing to their success. Tim highlighted that the platform's flexibility allowed them to make necessary changes swiftly, ensuring optimal performance throughout the marketing campaign.

What sets OpenLot apart, according to Tim, is the comprehensive background data provided with each inquiry, along with the assurance of dealing with qualified leads who are genuinely interested in the offerings. As a result of their partnership with OpenLot, Tradewinds Coomera successfully sold out their development, attributing much of this achievement to the platform's ability to deliver value for money through high-quality leads that ultimately brought their project to fruition. Tim's recommendation of OpenLot to fellow developers underscores the platform's effectiveness in boosting sales and achieving marketing goals.