OpenLot Case Study: Genuine Leads with very Little Cross-over from other Channels

By: | 27 Jul, 2023

🎙️ OpenLot Case Study: Genuine leads with very little cross-over from other channels

In 2019, Orchard Property Group, a prominent development company specialising in land divisions in southeast Queensland, embarked on a journey to market their flagship development, Pebble Creek, located in the prestigious Flagstone Priority Development Area. Spanning an impressive 650 lots over 50 hectares, Pebble Creek's centerpiece was a breathtaking 3.5-million-dollar parkland. To effectively reach potential buyers, the company explored various marketing platforms, and that's when they stumbled upon OpenLot, thanks to a recommendation from a former colleague in Victoria.

OpenLot was no stranger to the marketing landscape; it had already been making strides in regions further south. With its increasing foothold in Southeast Queensland, the platform had attracted the attention of Orchard Property Group, and they decided to give it a shot. The company had previously relied on mainstream marketing channels like Rea and Domain, alongside SEO and SEM mechanisms. However, since incorporating OpenLot into their marketing strategy, they noticed a significant surge in verified mobile leads, numbering in the hundreds.

One of the most significant advantages that OpenLot brought to the table was the assurance of genuine leads with minimal overlap from other marketing channels. This was a game-changer for Orchard Property Group's sales team, as they could now focus their efforts on leads that were more likely to convert. The platform's ability to deliver high-quality, exclusive leads set it apart from the competition. As a result, sales at Pebble Creek began a steady growth trajectory, showing positive month-on-month progress.

Orchard Property Group's CEO, Mr. Ted Cronin, expressed his satisfaction with OpenLot's impact on their lead generation efforts. He confidently attested that without OpenLot, attracting such a large number of quality leads would have been a struggle. The platform's effectiveness in delivering fresh leads with minimal cross-over from other marketing mediums proved invaluable, especially for reaching new potential buyers who might not have been exposed to their development through other channels.

Given their positive experience, Mr. Cronin went on to recommend OpenLot to other developers in the land space. As a company that had already benefited significantly from the platform's services, Orchard Property Group saw it as an obligation to share this marketing gem with their industry peers. OpenLot's success story at Pebble Creek became a testament to its potential in driving genuine leads, and the company's endorsement further solidified its position as an effective and essential tool for property developers.

In conclusion, the case study of Orchard Property Group's experience with OpenLot highlights the crucial role of innovative marketing platforms in the real estate industry. Through OpenLot, they harnessed the power of verified mobile leads and witnessed substantial growth in their sales, all while minimising cross-over from other channels. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, success stories like this serve as a reminder for developers to embrace new marketing technologies to stay ahead in the competitive market. OpenLot's impact on Pebble Creek's success is a testament to its effectiveness in generating genuine leads, proving that it is a valuable addition to any developer's marketing toolkit.