Industry Training w/ Dan Spencer Module 1 [NSW]

By: | 14 Jul, 2023

[NSW] Industry Training w/ Dan Spencer Module 1

In NSW, Dan Spencer discussed key sales challenges faced by developers in the market. He emphasised the importance of addressing objections up front, such as:

  • Rising interest rates
  • Increasing construction costs, and
  • The overall cost of living

According to him, the traditional hard close approach has become outdated in the past five years. Agents now need to possess skills in forecasting and eliminating obstacles to successfully convert leads into appointments.

The topic of converting leads to appointments was particularly significant for the team, given the changing market conditions and numerous challenges they anticipate. They have been working with Dan for many years, and his sessions continue to provide valuable insights to keep them ahead of the market. The number one advice given in the current marketplace is to approach transactions with a learning mindset. Analysing what factors influenced buyers to transact, including the marketing they saw and the engagement during their interaction, can provide crucial information about the market and improve selling techniques.

In addition to lead conversion, the video also highlighted the importance of networking and meeting new people. These activities are essential for the day-to-day operations of the sales team and influence how they operate. The training and content delivered in this session were deemed industry-specific and superior compared to other online platforms available to them. The participants appreciated the valuable information shared and acknowledged its relevance to their sales endeavours.

In summary, the video discussed the following:

  • Challenges developers face in the market and the need to address objections proactively.
  • The importance of forecasting and eliminating obstacles to convert leads into appointments.
  • The advice to approach transactions with a learning mindset and analyse buyer behaviour was considered valuable.
  • Networking and day-to-day operations were also highlighted as essential aspects of sales.
  • The participants found the industry-specific training and content superior to other available platforms.

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