Riverfield Estate - Clyde

📍 1895-1675 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 3978

Total new homes2,300
Area size182.75 hectares
City councilCasey City Council
Developer Brown Property Group
Creative agency Sense Creative Agency
Other namesRiverfield Square, Riverfield Promenade
Nearby distances

49 km south-east to Melbourne CBD

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Land sizes range from 📐 336m² to 597m²

Land Release Applications for Riverfield Estate - Clyde

Land releaseLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
Riverfield Square Estate (2 Lot Subdivision) 1675 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 39782 PS906807B, 2101578/00, PA21-0772, SubA00102/22Beveridge Williams & Co Pty Ltd28/03/2022 Submitted for Lodgement
Riverfield Stage 12 Murrumbidgee Drive, Clyde VIC 397845 PS839059M/S12, 1209/12, PlnA01020/19, SubA00020/22Charlton Degg26/01/2022 Referral
Riverfield Stage 11 Bells Road, Clyde VIC 397850 PS839059M/S11, 1209/11, PlnA01020/19, SubA00472/21Charlton Degg12/11/2021 Referral
Riverfield Stage 10 Crescendo Boulevard, Clyde VIC 397831 PS839059M/S10, 1209/10, PlnA01020/19, SubA00434/21Charlton Degg20/10/2021 Referral
Riverfield Stage 9 Vivace Avenue, Clyde VIC 397848 PS839059M/S9, 1209/9, PlnA01020/19, SubA00405/21Charlton Degg21/09/2021 Referral
Riverfield Stage 8 Riverland Road, Clyde VIC 397856 PS839059M/S8, 1209/Stg 8, PlnA01020/19, SubA00306/21Charlton Degg22/07/2021 Referral
Riverfield Stage 7 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 397845 PS839059M/S7, 1209/7, PlnA01020/19, SubA00199/21Charlton Degg04/06/2021 Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)
Riverfield Stage 6 Bells Road, Clyde VIC 3978 Bells Road, Clyde VIC 397835 PS839059M/S6, 1209/6, PlnA01020/19, SubA00125/21Charlton Degg19/04/2021 Original Certification Date
Riverfield Stage 5 1895 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 397849 PS839059M/S5, 1209/5, PPA20-0482, SubA00123/21Charlton Degg19/04/2021 Final Referral Response (Cert)
Riverfield Stage 4 1895 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 397843 PS839059M/S4, 1209/4, PlnA01020/19, SubA00036/21Charlton Degg16/02/2021 Submitted for Lodgement
Riverfield Stage 3 1895 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 397841 PS839059M/S3, 1209/3, PlnA01020/19, SubA00291/20Charlton Degg08/09/2020 Original Certification Date
Riverfield Stage 2 1895 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 397842 PS839059M/S2, 1209/2, PlnA01020/19, SubA00257/20Charlton Degg12/08/2020 Submitted for Lodgement
Riverfield School Site 1895 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 39782 PS839060D, 1209/School, N/A, SubA00259/20Charlton Degg13/08/2020 Registered at Land Use Victoria
Riverfield Stage 1 1895 Ballarto Road, Clyde VIC 397841 PS839059M, 1209/1, PlnA01020/19, SubA00256/20Charlton Degg12/08/2020 Submitted for Lodgement

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Schools near Riverfield Estate - Clyde

Here are 6 schools near Riverfield Estate - Clyde:

Land Price Trend in Clyde

  • In Jul - Sep 21, the median price for vacant land in Clyde VIC 3978 was $297,500. *
  • From Oct - Dec 17 to Jul - Sep 21, the median price for vacant land in Clyde VIC 3978 has decreased 4.03%. *
  • From 2010 to 2020, the median price for vacant land in Clyde VIC 3978 has increased 48.84%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 07/07/21

Suburb Planning Review in Clyde VIC 3978

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Clyde is with the City of Casey located 48 kilometres South-East of Melbourne, which contains a rural-residential township that forms part of the Urban Growth Boundary. The Clyde growth area is approximately 1,154 ha, which is located on either side of the Pattersons Road. 

The new suburb is bounded by Clyde-Five Ways Road to the west, Pound Road and Bells Road extension to the east, Hardys Road to the north and Ballarto Road to the south.

Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan PSP -  Location map


The Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) was prepared to guide the future community, visitors and workers within the area. The PSP seeks to provide access to services, recreation, employment, shopping and transport infrastructure necessary to support quality of lifestyle and a mix of affordable housing.

The conservation and enhancement of the significant biodiversity area of the Clyde Creek corridor have been recognised, which integrates the stormwater design and open space. A protected species of the Growling Grass Frog has been provided ponds and foraging areas along the Clyde Creek corridor and cultural heritage sites.

Clyde also has other Precinct Structure Plan areas to the north of the existing township. The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has prepared a Clyde North PSP that was approved by Minister for Planning in November 2011 through Amendment C186 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan PSP -  Future Urban Structure


The Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan PSP was prepared by Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in consultation with the Casey City Council and was approved by the Minister for Planning in November 2014. The decision was officially gazetted in October 2014 under Amendment C186 to the Casey Planning Scheme, then further amended in October 2015.

The Vision

Clyde Creek is planned to be a community where a distinct urban form, characterised by a grid of high quality streets, is complemented by an extensive natural creek environment and park network. The Clyde Major Town Centre, planned immediate to the north of the potential future Clyde railway station, will deliver extensive services and facilities to the surrounding residential area.”

“Clyde Creek will be a place that residents and businesses are proud to call home, a place of significant housing choice, catering for a diversity of people, and a connected community through public transport, road-trail networks and integrated community hubs.” 

“Significant biodiversity within the Clyde Creek corridor has been recognised through the conservation and enhancement of the Growing Grass Frog Category 1 habitat area. The prominent landform of the precinct, Clyde Creek, will form the key environmental, recreational and community spine of the future suburb. The topography of the precinct provides for attractive views and vistas.” 

“Heritage values - both aboriginal and cultural heritage and post-contact heritage sites - have been identified and incorporated into the future urban structure of Clyde Creek Precinct.


Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan - Land Use



The existing zoning will be amended to provide for Urban Growth Zones, that will provide for a future urban structure and future development. The Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan provides for a diversity of streetscape, open space, local character and protection of the Clyde Creek Conservation Area that traverses the precinct.

Existing and proposed sports fields and parks are strategically located within the new residential areas. The major and minor town centre areas provide for social, retail and community infrastructure, with the largest located to the south west corner of the Precinct Structure Plan.

The Precinct Structure Plan provides the planning framework to facilitate the new mixed use community, new schools, sports and recreation areas and protect Clyde Creek.



Clyde Creek will be connected to public passenger transport, with a future train station to be built in proximity to the south west of the Clyde Township and the passenger train service will connect to Melbourne CBD.

The suburb will include a network of shared paths, linking the local parks and a new road network. A road network including a 6 lane (primary arterial) road along Pattersons Road and 4 lane (second arterial) road along Tuckers Road to facilitate vehicle access to the surrounding growth areas and Clyde North. Access to Berwick – Cranbourne Road to the west will provide a direct connection to the Princes Freeway, access to Melbourne CBD or eastern Victoria.

Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan - Public Transport


New Suburb Summary


Clyde Creek, Casey City Council

City / State

Melbourne, Victoria

Suburb Area

1,154 ha


North – Hardys Road
West – Pound Road and Bells Road extension

South - Ballarto Road

East - Berwick-Cranbourne Road/Clyde-Five Ways Road

Suburb inclusions

13,900 new homes
7,500 local jobs

38,800 population

1x Large town centre

2x Convenience local town centres

Community Amenity

Heritage and character values of the Clyde Creek area

General residential areas, proximity to local parks and schools


South-East Melbourne, 48 km from Melbourne CBD 


7x Government Schools

1x Non-government School


Medium to High Destiny Development walkable to the town centre and public passenger transport

Low Density in areas in proximity to Clyde Creek

Small lot housing (townhouses, semi-detached and detached houses)

Dual occupancies, duplexes and detached houses

Multi-unit housing sites including terraces, row houses and villas

Apartments, shop-top and walk-up flats

Employment Areas

Clyde Major Town Centre

  • 50,000sqm of commercial space (approx.)
  • 50,000sqm of retail tenancies (approx.)

Hardys Road Local Town Centre

  • 10,000sqm of commercial space (approx.)
  • 5,000sqm of retail tenancies (approx.)

Tuckers Road Local Town Centre

  • 10,000sqm of commercial space (approx.)
  • 5,000sqm of retail tenancies (approx.)

Schools, Kindergartens, indoor and outdoor sporting areas


Future Station and Rail line extension

Local road network 


Pedestrian and cycling links

Local road network 

Bus public transport

In proximity to future Clyde train station

Recreation Areas 

31x local parks
5x sporting reserve

1x existing sporting field


Clyde Creek Conservation Area

8x wetland/drainage/corridor open space areas


European Heritage areas

Aboriginal Cultural sites

Settlement Pattern

Green Field



Casey Shire Council

Victoria Planning Authority – Planning Schemes

Victoria Planning Authority 

Victoria Planning Authority – Clyde Creek PSP  


FAQs about Riverfield Estate - Clyde

Who is the developer behind Riverfield Estate - Clyde?
Brown Property Group is the developer behind Riverfield Estate - Clyde.
View all estates from Brown Property Group
How many homes does Riverfield Estate - Clyde consist of?
There will be 2,300 new homes in Riverfield Estate - Clyde.
What’s the total area size for Riverfield Estate - Clyde?
Riverfield Estate - Clyde has 182.75 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Riverfield Estate - Clyde fall under?
Casey City Council is the local government area for Riverfield Estate - Clyde.
What cities & amenities is Riverfield Estate - Clyde near to?
Riverfield Estate - Clyde is near the following:
  • 49 km south-east to Melbourne CBD
Which schools near Riverfield Estate - Clyde?
Below are the nearby schools for Riverfield Estate - Clyde:
  • Clyde Primary School - 2.7km west
  • Wilandra Rise Primary School - 4.3km north-west
  • St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Primary School - 4.3km north-west
  • Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne - 4.4km west
  • Casey Fields Primary School - 5.3km west
  • Hillcrest Christian College - 5.4km north
Riverfield Estate - Clyde
📐 Land sizes range from 336m2 to 597m2Land sizes from 336m2 to 597m2