Advanced Appointment Closing Techniques - Industry Training Module 3

By: | 09 Oct, 2023

Advanced Appointment Closing Techniques - Industry Training Module 3

Advanced Appointment Closing Techniques (Industry Training Module 3)

Daniel Spencer emphasised effective strategies for closing appointments in a professional setting. They stressed the importance of having utilised tools like calendar invites and contact cards as essential components of the appointment-setting process.

One key technique highlighted was the art of asking prospects whether they had gathered enough information during the conversation to make a decision. This approach allowed for two possible responses: a positive affirmation that they were ready to move forward or a negative response indicating the need for further information. Dan advised that before directly asking for an appointment, it was crucial to identify and isolate all decision-makers involved. This ensured that everyone with a stake in the decision was included in the process.

Dan also discussed the significance of timing in appointment-setting. It was recommended to inquire about the availability of the decision-makers and when they would be in a position to discuss or make a decision. By doing so, you could avoid scheduling appointments when key individuals were unavailable, thus maximising the chances of a successful outcome.

Moreover, Dan suggested using language that encouraged a more casual and comfortable interaction. Instead of explicitly referring to an "appointment," they proposed using phrases like "popped by and saw us" or "dropped in for a quick 10-minute coffee." This subtle shift in language aimed to make the prospect more receptive to the idea of meeting.

This training module underscored the significance of using effective tools and techniques when closing appointments. It emphasised the need to ascertain decision-makers, time appointments strategically, and employ language that promoted a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere, all contributing to a successful appointment-setting process.