Industry Training with Dan Spencer: Building A Strong Connection

By: | 29 Mar, 2024
Module 4: Building A Strong Connection


Building A Strong Connection


In a recent industry training module titled "Building A Strong Connection," the importance of starting with the human aspect in client interactions was highlighted by Dan Spencer. Spencer stressed the advantage of leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to gain insights into clients' interests and backgrounds before meetings. He shared anecdotes of successful engagements where he built connections based on shared interests, such as netball, demonstrating how understanding personal affinities can lead to deeper rapport.

Spencer emphasised the significance of aligning values with clients, citing examples where he donated to charitable causes important to prospective clients or connected over shared passions like sports. By prioritising the human connection and aligning values, Spencer noted that he was able to secure appointments and engagements more effectively. He highlighted the importance of focusing on the client during interactions, spending ample time discussing their interests, concerns, and aspirations rather than solely promoting services or products.

Furthermore, Spencer outlined a structured approach to questioning that spans past, present, and future aspects of clients' lives and needs. By delving into clients' past experiences, current situations, and future aspirations, Spencer explained how professionals can gain a comprehensive understanding of clients' requirements and preferences. He underscored the need to control the conversation flow, steering it towards meaningful topics that facilitate providing tailored advice and solutions. Through these strategies, Spencer aims to equip sales professionals with the tools to build stronger connections with clients and enhance overall communication effectiveness in the real estate industry.