Skill Test - Industry Training Module 3

By: | 09 Oct, 2023

Skill Test - Industry Training Module 3

Skill Test (Industry Training Module 3)

Daniel Spencer discussed a training approach for improving sales skills. 

Dan advised breaking into groups of three during training: one person as the salesperson, one as the buyer, and an observer. The goal was for the salesperson to practice different stages of the sales process while the buyer provided context and obstacles. The observer evaluated and provided feedback. The training emphasised practicing five different "gears" or stages of a sales conversation.

The importance of the observer's role was stressed, as they were supposed to rank the performance as high, medium, or low for each gear. Dan provided an example of what constituted a high rank, emphasising clarity, context, motivation, and rapport in the conversation. Conversely, a low rank was exemplified by missing key elements of the interaction.

Dan advocated practicing with colleagues before transitioning to actual phone calls, as it built confidence. They suggested having sales managers make calls to measure appointment-setting success. The training aimed to refine sales techniques through feedback and practice, ultimately improving results.

Dan outlined a training method that involved role-playing phone calls to improve sales skills, emphasising the importance of observing and providing feedback to refine performance. The goal was to enhance confidence and efficiency in setting appointments and conducting sales calls.