The Meet & Greet - Industry Training Module 2

By: | 22 Sep, 2023


Meet and Greet


The Meet & Greet


This training session outlined a structured approach to successful sales interactions, with a focus on the importance of transitions in the process. The primary goal was to secure a second appointment, as initial sales often didn't occur during the first encounter. These transitions acted like chapters in a book, and understanding them was crucial for effective customer engagement.

The first transition had revolved around creating a strong first impression within the initial 15 to 20 seconds. This brief period had set the tone for the meeting and could determine whether the potential customer would engage further. Beyond selling a design, the objective had been to create interest in the entire building company, emphasising a unique selling proposition (USP) that distinguished the business from others. USP comprised up to three distinctive attributes that attracted clients.

Data collection had been a significant aspect of the process. Gathering customer data had been essential from the outset as it had enabled personalised and effective marketing efforts. The importance of human intervention in utilising Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems had been emphasised, particularly through clickthrough reports that had highlighted customer engagement with marketing messages.

Asking for data from customers had been encouraged, and objections could be overcome with positive energy and value exchanges. Digital brochures with data input requirements could be offered as an incentive for customers to provide their information. The training had underscored the value of data extraction in the sales process.

An elevator pitch had been introduced as a quick, compelling introduction to the company and its offerings, essential for making a memorable impression during the initial meeting. It had been likened to a brief conversation in an elevator with a CEO, where you had to convey key information before reaching the 10th floor. Elevator pitches had been intended to pique interest and lead to further inquiry.

Setting the visit up for success had involved pre-framing what customers should expect during the display visit, as well as what questions would be asked afterward. Although customers might have initially wanted to explore independently, this had set the stage for productive future appointments.

Lastly, gauging the level of interest as customers exited the display had been crucial. Even seemingly disinterested individuals had been approached with relevant questions. Afterward, the process had moved into high-level client discovery, delving into customer needs, which had then led to a presentation of reasons to engage with the company and potentially scheduling a follow-up appointment.

"The Meet & Greet" had emphasised the importance of well-executed transitions in the sales process, from creating a strong first impression to data collection, elevator pitches, and setting up visits for success. The ultimate goal had been to secure a second appointment through high-level client discovery and effective closing techniques.