Set Up for Success - Industry Training Module 2

By: | 22 Sep, 2023

Set Up for Success

Set Up For Success


This training session focuses on effective strategies for engaging potential customers during home displays. Daniel Spencer suggests several key points to ensure a successful interaction with visitors.

First, it's important to provide visitors with easy-to-digest information as they enter the display. This includes details such as the number of homes on display, whether they are single or double-story, and any unique features of the homes. The goal is to make sure customers have this information upfront to guide their exploration.

Additionally, Daniel emphasises the importance of knowing your competitive advantage compared to other displays. Just as a successful real estate agent studies competitors' listings, builders and developers should understand how their homes stand out and be ready to discuss these advantages.

During the walkthrough, it's suggested to point out essential details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, land size, and home size. This proactive approach helps visitors focus on more meaningful questions during the conversation and prevents repetitive inquiries.

Another valuable tip is to highlight unique features within each room using easels or bullet points. This keeps potential buyers engaged and encourages them to actively seek out these features, creating a positive impression.

Lastly, Daniel advises having all necessary information pre-prepared to avoid interruptions during the conversation. This level of preparation ensures a smoother interaction with visitors and makes the experience more professional.

In conclusion, the discussion emphasises the importance of setting up each home display for success by providing informative content, understanding competitive advantages, and proactively addressing visitors' questions and interests. Preparation and organisation play a crucial role in creating a positive experience for potential buyers.