Building a Preference - Industry Training Module 2

By: | 22 Sep, 2023

Building a Preference

Building A Preference

Daniel Spencer discussed the importance of creating a preference and engaging potential buyers or clients in the context of real estate or similar industries. Daniel emphasised the need to understand what set your product or service apart from others to build a strong preference among customers.

Daniel acknowledged that they were transitioning to the topic of building a preference. They mentioned the challenge of filtering through potential buyers in display homes and the importance of providing an overview to help visitors understand what they were about to experience.

He highlighted the importance of asking potential customers questions to understand their previous experiences with similar developments or services. This information could help identify differences that could be emphasised to create a preference.

He stressed the significance of following up with customers after a deal was made to find out why they had chosen your organisation and what had set you apart from the competition. This feedback was crucial for identifying the factors that had influenced the buying decision.

Daniel gave an example where a customer's preference had been shaped by the fact that only 10 blocks were left in a development, avoiding a lengthy construction process. This example illustrated the importance of showcasing unique selling points to create a hook that had attracted customers.

In the final part, Daniel encouraged sales teams to brainstorm and gather information on what they had said to potential clients to highlight points of difference. This information could have been used to create a compelling pitch that emphasised unique features and had created a preference for the product or service. The transcript had emphasised the need to continuously refine your messaging to engage and attract customers effectively.