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  • Coming soon to Donnybrook Road, Balmain has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional place to live.
  • Fully equipped with a school, community facilities, town centre, two parks and surrounded by conservation areas, Balmain will be a community that is created around common values.
  • Balmain. Set for life.
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Total new homes2,000
Area size208.00 hectares
Growth RegionMelbourne North Growth Corridor
City councilWhittlesea City Council
Developer Wolfdene, Blueways Group
Distance to Melbourne Airport - 18 km north-east Melbourne CBD - 29 km north

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Land Price Trend in Donnybrook

  • In Jan - Mar 23, the median price for vacant land in Donnybrook VIC 3064 was $304,000. *
  • From Oct - Dec 17 to Jan - Mar 23, the median price for vacant land in Donnybrook VIC 3064 has increased 60%. *
  • From 2014 to 2022, the median price for vacant land in Donnybrook VIC 3064 has increased 59.34%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 11/07/23

Vacancy Rate in Donnybrook VIC 3064

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Schools near Balmain Estate - Donnybrook

Here are 6 schools near Balmain Estate - Donnybrook:

Suburb Planning Review in Donnybrook VIC 3064

Donnybrook is located in the Shire of Mitchell, a semi-rural location to the north of Melbourne’s outer suburbs of the Urban Growth Boundary and logical expansion of the former Donnybrook township. Donnybrook growth area is 1,026ha and forms part of the new 1,786ha suburb area (Woodstock and Donnybrook) that is located on either side of Cameron Street. 

Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan – Location map


The new suburb is bounded by a possible future high-speed rail investigation area and Outer Metropolitan Ring Reservation (OMR / E6) for future road and rail transport links.

The Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) was prepared to guide the redevelopment of the released land for a mix of residential neighbourhoods linked by a variety of local town centres, schools and other community facilities. Protection of natural assets along the creek corridor and conservation area are provided to protect the Growling Grass Frog habitat from the planned suburb. 

Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan – Future Urban Structure


The Donnybrook-Woodstock PSP was prepared by Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in consultation with the Whittlesea City Council and was approved by the Minister for Planning in November 2017. The decision was officially gazetted on 3 November 2017 under Amendment GC28 of the Whittlesea Planning Scheme.


The Vision

Development will have a strong emphasis on the retention of natural features and high quality landscaping in an urban environment supported by strong connections to transport and community facilities. Development of the precinct will create a diverse mix of residential neighbourhoods linked by a variety of local town centres, schools and other community facilities. 

The distribution of local centres which serve a variety of roles and functions will promote self-sufficiency for residents of the precinct in meeting daily retail and convenience shopping needs. Residential and business development will capitalise on the precinct’s proximity to the existing Donnybrook train station, as well as the future Lockerbie Principal Town Centre and potential future Lockerbie Train Station. The development of the existing Donnybrook Cheese Farm into an agricultural, historical and cultural learning hub will provide new residents with connections to the history of the area”.

 Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan – Land Use



The Structure Plan also supports new schools, local community hubs, local centres to provide employment and services to the new suburb. The amendments provide a new residential community, protection of natural features, parks, and sports and recreation areas. The existing zoning will be amended to provide for Rural Conservation and Urban Growth Zones, providing a series of greenfield sites in proximity to natural water corridors and reserves. 



Donnybrook is well connected to public passenger transport, with a future train station to be in Lockerbie and an existing train station located in Donnybrook train station outside the new suburb boundary. The passenger train service connects Melbourne to Sydney and is being considered for a high speed rail project.

The suburb will include a network of shared paths linking the local parks and a new road network. Donnybrook Road and a new future state arterial road will provide access to the Hume Freeway, providing a direct connection to Melbourne CBD or northern Victoria.




Donnybrook, City of Whittlesea

City / State

Melbourne, Victoria

Suburb Area

1,026 ha


North - Conservation Area
East - Gas Easement (approximate location)

South - Donnybrook Road 

West - Sydney–Melbourne railway line

Donnybrook-Woodstock PSP Inclusions


17,000 new homes

47,000 population

2,140 new jobs

5x Town centres
5x Convenience local town centres

41,000sqm Retail space

7x Community activity centres

Community Amenity

Each town centre will have its distinct character


North Melbourne, 35 km from Melbourne CBD 


6x Government schools

4x Non-government schools

Types of Residential

Small lot housing (townhouses, semi-detached and detached houses)

Dual occupancies, duplexes and detached houses

Multi-unit housing sites including terraces, row houses and villas

Apartments and walk-up flats

Employment Areas

Retail and Commercial, Schools, Community Centre


Future Sydney to Melbourne high speed rail line 

Future State Arterial Road

Local road network and bridges


Pedestrian and cycling links

Existing Donnybrook Train Station 

Access to the local road network and Hume Freeway

Recreation Areas 

6 ha Park area

7x Sporting reserves

Natural Parkland

Conservation Reserve 

Heritage Reserve

Hayes Hill Reserve

Settlement Pattern

Green Field



City of Whittlesea - Donnybrook 

Victoria Planning Authority – Planning Schemes

Victoria Planning Authority 

Victoria Planning Authority – Donnybrook – Woodstock PSP  


Land Release Applications for Balmain Estate - Donnybrook

Land releaseLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
Balmain - COE1 960z Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 30640 , 37011/COE1, PLN-41719, PLN-41719, CASE: 13457Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd11/09/2023To create easements for the purpose of Drainage, Supply of water, Supply of gas, and Supply of electricity, within Lot Z on PS902225. The easements align with engineering design plans for Balmain Estate, within proposed future road reserves, and will be removed by agreement (Subdivision Act 1988, Section 6(1)(k)) of all interested parties once roads are created. Planning Permit
Balmain - Stage 6 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 306441 PS846231M, 37011/Stg6, PLN-39853, PLN-39959, 9283Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd20/10/2022 Referral
Balmain - Stage 5 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 306440 PS846230P, 37011/Stg5, PLN-39853, PLN-39963, CASE 9287Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd20/10/2022 Referral
Balmain - Stage 4 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 30646 PS846229X, 37011/Stg4, PLN-39853, PLN-39957, CASE 9279Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd20/10/2022 Referral
Balmain - Stage 3 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 306442 PS846214M, 37011/Stg3, PLN-38371, PLN-39975Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd27/10/2022 Referral
Balmain - Stage 2 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 306424 PS846211T, 37011/Stg2, PLN-38371, PLN-39104Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd22/06/2022 Referral
Balmain - Stage 1 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 306462 PS846209E, 37011/Stg1, PLN-38371, PLN-39103Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd22/06/2022 Referral
Balmain - Stage RW Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook VIC 30641 PS846210V, 37011/StgRW, PLN-38371, PLN-39177Marshal Melbourne Pty Ltd01/07/2022 Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)

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FAQs about Balmain Estate - Donnybrook

Who is the developer behind Balmain Estate - Donnybrook?
Wolfdene and Blueways Group are the developers behind Balmain Estate - Donnybrook.
View all estates from Wolfdene
View all estates from Blueways Group
How many homes does Balmain Estate - Donnybrook consist of?
There will be 2,000 new homes in Balmain Estate - Donnybrook.
What’s the total area size for Balmain Estate - Donnybrook?
Balmain Estate - Donnybrook has 208.00 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Balmain Estate - Donnybrook fall under?
Whittlesea City Council is the local government area for Balmain Estate - Donnybrook.
Which schools near Balmain Estate - Donnybrook?
Below are the nearby schools for Balmain Estate - Donnybrook:
  • Gilgai Plains Primary School - 3.3km north-west
  • Hume Anglican Grammar - 5.2km west
  • Mother Teresa School - 5.4km south-west
  • Craigieburn Primary School - 5.8km south-west
  • Mount Ridley P-12 College - 6.4km south-west
  • Edgars Creek Primary School - 6.5km south
Balmain Estate - Donnybrook